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Friday, May 18, 2007


I finally got Fmom to the doctor yesterday and she was running a fever and she was having trouble with her asthma. Her doctor gave her an antibiotic shot and a prescription for more antibiotics. He said at her age with her asthma and running a fever, he was more concerned about possible pneumonia. With the shot and a couple of doses of antibiotics, Fmom appears to be feeling better this morning.

I’ve been making few changes on the site and I have a few questions for the more hmtl inclined than myself:

1. I put “Recent Comments” down below the blogroll. I’ve got so much room on the right and left that I would like to take the “Recent Comments” out of the page section and put it on either the right or left side. Any suggestions?

2. OK I guess only one question.

The only other change I made was in the color of the comment’s box in holoscan.

Hope everyone has a good Friday.



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