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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cable Vs Satellite

We have basic cable and it really gives me more channels than I can flip through. I see on the commercials all the time that cable says it’s better than satellite and satellite says it’s better than cable. I don’t know about satellite since I don’t have it, but I do know our cable seems to go out about ever week. So this got me to thinking about cable. They have the lines running everywhere and supposedly it’s more reliable. But I thought the lines have to come from somewhere, and at the end of those lines is a satellite dish. It looks to me like I’m paying someone else to use their satellite dish.

So I look at the commercials and ads for a satellite dish. I don’t like them. In the first place any ad that starts out with, “The first three months” you get this, and ends with type so small to tell you what you have to pay after three months that I can’t read it. Well, I’m just not going to pay attention to. Tell me how much it’s going to cost and be up front about it. Don’t have me pulling out a magnifying glass to have to read what you’re trying to sell.

In the end, my family is addicted to TV and I know this. I at least have the computer to mess around with, but poor Fmom and the rest seem to be lost without the TV. I remember years ago I thought I was just going to turn off the TV and do other things. Couldn’t do it. Even though there are very few shows I watch completely through, I still want the TV on and the ability to flip channels when I want.

Oh BTW the cable is out again. AARRGGG!


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