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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Belt Buckle

Well the s**t has hit the fan. Some of you might remember when I wrote about my grandmother’s wedding band and how I gave it to my niece (sister’s daughter) and how Fmom also gave her a ring that meant a lot to her - The Pick Part II. When Fmom had given her the ring she told me she was sure there would be hell to pay from the rest of my siblings.

My brother his family and my sister and her family went to the beach for vacation this week. My niece was wearing both rings and my s-I-l commented about them. Of course my sister went through the entire story about how I got our grandmothers ring, and how Fmom gave my niece her ring. While driving back home my niece calls Fmom and tells her, “Granny I thought I’d better call and tell you to get ready.” She tells her that everything was fine until my brother heard about my grandmother’s ring. My brother says, “Hell I’ve been trying to get daddy’s belt buckle for years and still haven’t gotten that.”

So now Fmom is up in the air, and I’m thinking it’s hilarious. I just took Fmom and we looked through everything she has. We finally found my father’s belt buckle. The only reason my brother didn’t get it before is because Fmom couldn’t find it. Fmom talked to my sister, and my sister told her to tell my brother that she had given it to her a long time ago, and forgot to tell him. Fmom broke out laughing and said no that she didn’t want to give him a heart attack.

It’s a good thing though. Over the years Fmom has kept so much stuff and just going through the boxes and her cedar chest bought back good memories to her. She would pick up one thing and give me the history of each. She found my youngest brother’s first baseball uniform and it was so small. She would hold up little pieces of jewelry and tell me which great aunt it had belonged to, and how she came to have it. We found a Saint Christopher medal that a girl I had loved in college gave to me. In the boxes in her closet and bounty in her cedar chest she has more than just junk. She has a family history and her life. She hasn’t gone through this stuff in awhile, but I could see she was happy just looking for an old belt buckle.



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