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Thursday, July 05, 2007

George Gets A Haircut.

The other day I took George to get groomed. I don’t have a just before picture because he looked too scraggly, and I would be embarrassed to show him. Leave it to say that I had little tuffs of hair floating around the room. Besides that, I knew he would be more comfortable with all the heat down here. So here’s an old picture of George with a lot of hair. It's one of my favorites of him.

Click to enlarge.

Of course, I always have to have a close up of George's beautiful smile.

Click to enlarge.

And this is what he looks like today. Usually they cut off all the hair around his head also, but this time they didn't. I think I like that better.

Click to enlarge.

So George has finally gotten over being mad about going to get his hair cut, I've finally gotten a no-hair zone and we appear to be happy for at least another couple of months.


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