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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dental Again.

I’ve been staying away from it for awhile, but it’s dental time again. I just had a molar crown come off and the gum is hurting. The last two dentists I had, I’ve given up on them. It seemed like they had a pain/sadistic thing going, and I didn’t like that. I’ve often wondered why some dentists don’t care too much about the pain. Or is it just my luck to find these people when there are other dentists who try not to cause pain? I don’t know.

Now my big problem today is I have a list of dentists that are in my insurance plan, but who to pick? I don’t know any of them, and there’s no one I can ask, so I’m using the best possible method to pick. If I like the name, then I’ll give them a call. Ah, you say, that’s pretty stupid. Well I have a 50/50 chance of getting a good dentist and I’ve already narrowed it down by 2. The 2 past dentist I saw are on the list, and so they’re out.

I did call one dentist yesterday, and when I asked did they take my insurance, they said yes, but I had to pay up front, and I had to file my own insurance. Well that sort of pissed me off and I told them, “No thanks.” To me that isn’t taking your insurance. It's just saying, yes we’ll say we accept anything as long as we get your cash first. I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that the dental profession is one of the biggest rip offs. So my search for the perfect dentist continues.

As with most things, it’s hit or miss.


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