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Sunday, June 03, 2007

It Always Comes In Threes.

They say everything comes in threes. First the washer broke, but I did get that fixed, then the drain clogged and it turned into a major repair, but the repairman got that fixed and now the stove. We have one of those glass top stoves. Well I just looked at it and it's not a crack, but a break going all the way down one side of it. I’ve never heard of one of them breaking, but I guess they could. I looked on the Internet to see of there was a replacement for it. There isn’t. The stove is too old for the department store that we bought it from to carry the part anymore. So then I went to the name of the company that made the glass itself. It printed on the glass top. I couldn’t find anything for a replacement for it anywhere.

This has got to be the very last thing that goes wrong this year. I remember last year the AC went out and my ceiling flooded and I forgot the third thing that happened, but after the third thing, nothing more broke or happened.

I’m actually feeling good about the broken glass top. That’s my third thing and I’ve got the rest of the year free and easy. Nothing to worry about because I got my three things out of the way. Nothing is going to break, nothing is going to happen and I’m going to win the lottery. So there!



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