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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Is Not Always Good.

I’m beginning to find that having something new is not the best way to go sometimes. The old remote for Fmom’s tv down in the den went out about a month ago. So I bought a new one and it’s made by a different manufactures and the buttons are completely different. When I first got it, I sat down and learned the buttons and what it would do. I then sat Fmom down and showed her the buttons and which she needed, and how they worked. I told her to play around with the remote and learn it. Well a month later and she is still calling me over the intercom to come down to the living room and fix her remote. It’s usually she has pressed a wrong button and switched the remote to DVD, cable or something else. So I go down to the den, show her where the TV button is, show her where the guide buttons are and then show her how to get it off the guide and onto the full picture. Now I don’t mind doing this, but three to five time a day is a little much. So I’ve decided to do up a one page drawing of the remote with arrows pointing at the buttons she needs to push. I’m hoping she’ll use this as a quick reference and will finally learn the buttons. If this fails, I’ll just go out and buy the same one she had before and go with that.

Now I have to figure out how to get her proficient on the cell phone.

Here's another picture today of the pond. Sort of a pond in green picutre.

Click to Enlarge.

Smoke Update: I just found out the smoke I thought was coming from the GA/FL fires wasn't. About 12-15 miles from here, someone deliberately set fires that burned about 700 acres of woods. The fire was successfully put out though. It appears there are crazy people everywhere.

Another Smoke Update: I was just watching the local news and it is smoke from the GA/FL fire too. B'ham has had smoke warning about the air quality. Geeze!



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