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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Hospital Stay.

I just got back from spending three days in the hospital. I went in for treatment of my migraines. Ya want to know what will give you a migraine? Just getting into the hospital should have given me one.

On Tuesday the 22nd I called my Neurologist Nurse and asked her to make the hospital stay for the 29th because I would have someone to stay with Fmom then. She said she would try and she would call me back on Friday the 25th. I wait until Friday afternoon and give her a call. I get no call back. So I know they wouldn’t be in on Monday because it’s a holiday and I call her again on Tuesday morning the 29th. I get an answering machine saying she would be out until the 31st. From there I call the admitting office at the hospital. They said yes, I had a room reserved and I was supposed to check in that day. I asked them if I could check in the next day because I just found out and they said no, it had to be that day. I get a ride to the hospital, 2 hours away, and I finally get check in. It’s a huge hospital and just finding my room, I get lost. When I finally find my room, I go in and ring the nurse’s desk to let them know I’m there. Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that when you are checking into the hospital, that to show up in your room and ring the nurse’s desk to let them know you’re there isn’t the optimum.

Anyway, I’m in the hospital and I’m not really impressed with the nurse’s ability to find a vein to start an I.V. I was stuck not twice or three time, but a total of seven times before they finally got one. Then they started pushing medicine that burned like lava going in. It ends up they didn’t find out anything and that they tried medicines that I had already been on before. After all of this it takes me all day just to get checked out. At the moment I’m not too impressed with the hospital or the treatment.


I’m still alive, I don’t have a headache at the moment, and I made it back home safely. So things aren’t as bad as they could be.

Added: I was just thinking of the treatment they gave me while in the hospital. I know that you're woken up during all times of the night, but at 10:00 pm they would wake me up to give me a lava I.V. and at 3:00 am they would wake me up again to give me another lava I.V., and an injection in the stomach that hurt as much as the lava I.V. I guess I'm still a little on edge about the hospital stay. :)



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