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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Calling Home.

Well Fmom was pretty angry last night. She had been trying to call my brother that had the by-pass surgery, but couldn’t get him on his cell phone. That went on for a couple of days until he finally called last night. She was very happy to hear from him, but she tore into him about not calling. She didn’t leave anybody out either. Luckily his wife or children weren’t on the phone, but she tore into him about they could at least call to let her know how he’s doing.

My brother does this from time to time and I keep telling Fmom not to worry and that we’ll hear from them soon. She just won’t accept that though. She’s always been this way with all my brothers and sisters. I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but to bring home the point of the consequences you face if you don’t call Fmom……

When I joined the military years ago, I was stationed out in California. I didn’t call home for a month. One day while at work, I get a call from my commander’s office and was told to report to him immediately. On the way there I kept thinking what have I done? I couldn’t think of anything that I had done wrong, so I was worried. I get there and he told me he had gotten a call from my sister asking him if I would call home. Immediately I’m worried something has happened at home and ask the commander. He said no, but my mother wanted to hear from me. I’m embarrassed about the whole thing, but he was good-natured about it. However, he did say don’t let it happen again.

Years later after I retired, I was living by myself and I hadn’t called for about a week. My landlady drove over to my house and told me to call home. She was good-natured about it too, and since she was just a little younger than Fmom, she gave me a good talking to about calling home. So I call home, and Fmom told me if she couldn’t have gotten my landlady she was on the verge of calling the police. Now that would have been embarrassing to have the police show up to say call home.

So the point is, that all of us children know that we had better call Fmom at least once a day. Otherwise there’s consequences to pay.



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