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Monday, May 28, 2007

George and the Nephew.

It’s the middle of the night and it’s finally quiet around here. My Brother, s-I-l and 3 y.o. Great nephew arrived yesterday and it’s as it should be - quiet. I’ll give it about two more hours and my nephew will be up and running all over the house and George will be chasing him barking all the time. For some reason my Brother and s-I-l don’t see anything wrong with telling him to go wake up Uncle FM and play with him. Of course the first time he pounds on the door, I’m up because George is barking. So if things work the way they usually do, George and I will come out of my bedroom, I’ll turn on the TV in the den and then fix some coffee. After that the Nephew, George and me will sit on the couch and watch TV. I’ll doze off for a few minutes and the Nephew will shake my arm saying I’m not watching. I’ll say, I am too watching. From then on we’ll be watching each other more than the TV to see who will fall asleep first. I always loose on that one. After the second or third time my nephew will just give up on me and he’ll talk to George. George is my one saving grace in this game. If my nephew gets bored and gets up to starting getting into stuff, George will start barking and I’ll come awake. I’ve been half sleep before, and I’ve heard the Nephew tell George to be quiet while he gets down off the couch. George never lets me down though. So before the nephew gets a foot on the floor, George barks and I’m awake.

I guess I’ll see how today will go, but I know I’ll be very tired by the end of the day.



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