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Friday, June 01, 2007

Afternoon Pond Pictures

Friday afternoon pond pictures. I've been trying to get this stitch program to work right, but it seem if there are more than three pictures, it really screws it up. So I'm at taking two pictures and sticthing them together.

Wide Pano

Click to enlarge.

Tall Pano
I wish I could get the height of this tree into the picture, but it's almost impossible.

Click to enlarge.

Just a picture

Click to enlarge.

Added: As usual I have to add something. I've been working on a kitchen sink clog for the last two hours and it's really pissing me off. I put in a load of clothes to wash and the sink in the kitchen starts to overflow. When they hooked up the washer and dish washer to the drain they got it backwards somehow and when a clog happens you've got dirty clothes water going into the dishwasher and flooding out over the sink. I hate home repair! I just hate it. I guess the reason being is because I'm not good at it. Well at least the repairman will be here in the morning and he'll unclog the same clog that he had to do before. As I said in another post--ARGGGGGGG!



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