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Friday, June 01, 2007

Back to Normal.

It’s another normal day at the FM household. For us retirees it’s payday today, and I’ve got to write out checks and see my entire monthly windfall dwindle down to nothing. I figure that’s a pretty usual occurrence everywhere. It’s sort of one of those high/low roller coaster rides every month. At the beginning of the month you feel so exhilarated because although the coffers aren’t full, you do have something in there and by the day after payday, then the exhilaration has come to an end and reality has set in again. It’s just another part of trying to get by in today’s life. I’m starting to get a little tired of the lottery taking so long for me to win. Then again, I’m getting tired of living in a state with no lottery. As I heard Jeff Foxworthy say one time, the redneck retirement plan was buying those lottery tickets. :)

Yesterday after I finally got back home, George went crazy on me for about two hours. I couldn’t sit down or go anywhere in the house without him jumping into my lap or following me everywhere I went and whining to be held. I know he missed me. I know I felt the sorriest for George out of everyone, because he just didn’t understand where I had gone. But, he is always the happiest to see me. I think for awhile anytime I get ready to jump in the car and run downtown now, he’ll become very anxious for a until he learns I won’t be gone that long. I was sort of surprised by George yesterday though. Whenever I have to leave him at the vet for a few day and I finally pick him up, when he see me out in the waiting room, it’s a never fails thing that he pees on the floor. I wasn’t thinking and when I sat down in the living room chair and he jumps in my lap, I immediately thought, uh oh, I forgot and I’m going to get it, but he didn’t create one of his little messes on me. Thank goodness for that at least.

Fmom was also very glad to see me. I think she see a difference in the way I take care of her, and how the other relatives do. In other words, I do a much better job in her opinion than they do. What it comes down to is I wait on her a lot more than they do and she’s used to that. She told me while I was in the hospital that she saw how much she had me running around the house for stuff for her and she is going to start do a lot more of it herself. I figure that will last about two days. I don’t mind really waiting on her. I keep telling her that the reason I’m here, is to take care of her, and truthfully with the amount of smoke that’s been around here from the GA/FL fires she had needed it with her asthma. I’ll be glad when we get a good rain and it clears the smoke out of here.

Well I guess those are my little whines for the day. I’m over my big whines from yesterday, well maybe not completely, but for the most part.

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a good weekend.

Added: Here's the newest pana of the pond. It didn't turn out like I wanted, but I think it because of the pana program I have. BTW if you didn't notice, I got brave and got down close by the water. I figured it's still a little bit chilly for the snakes to be out this early in the morning. Enjoy.

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