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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Sometimes you feel affirmed, you feel there is a FSM, and that he/she/it does listen to you.

This morning I was whining about I’m ready for my relatives to go home. Well I set my feet in, and I got a long nap because I wasn’t going to deal with them this morning. When I finally woke up, from what was an excellent nap, I find out my great Nephew had taken the scissors to his head, and given himself (sorry Olivia) a haircut. His Grandmother had given him a nice one yesterday, but he decided he’d like a little more of the top, the sides, the front and the back. He did one hell of a job on himself. He looks worse than George when I try to do the clipping myself. The only way he can look half way normal again is for them to get it all cut off. His Grandparents gave him holey hell about it. After they went back to their room, I called him over and told him he did a good job, and next time his Grandmother gives him a haircut, he should do the same thing. I told him, “It’s your hair, you should cut it how you want.”

Hah!!!! I feel all is well with the world now.


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