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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I’m Ready.

I’m more than ready for the relatives to go home. My brother when he’s here never does anything anyway, so that’s an expected given. But my s-I-l used to help out some. I think she has washed one load of dishes since they’ve been here this time, and half of them were ones they made dirty. Now that wouldn’t be so bad except they bought their 3 y.o. Grandson with them. He’s not as bad as you would expect though. A lot of times if I’m on the computer or doing something and he comes to my room, I’ll tell him I’m busy right now and he’ll turn around and go to the living room and find something to amuse himself with. I don’t remember, but I’m sure I was much more whinny back at that age.

Anyway between trying to keep the house cleaned, cooking and taking care of Fmom and the great Nephew, I’m ready for them to head back to their kids house. Don’t get me wrong, I get most of my slack time in, but it is a hassle not to get the less than optimum naps per day in.

I’m still looking for that perfect day of slackdom though.


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