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Friday, June 08, 2007

Cat and George

I saw something yesterday that really surprised me. I had taken George out to do his thing and Cat was lying down on the patio. I look up and see Tom coming toward the patio. When Tom first arrived, he and Cat used to get into some pretty good fights, and then they came to an understanding. Well Tom comes on the patio and Cat goes up to him and they touch noses. Then they both go to their ends of the patio and lay down.

All seems well with the world and then George comes bounding up to the patio. He goes straight to Tom who gets up and starts swiping his paw at George. Now if Tom ever really jumped on George, he would destroy him. But while this was going on, I see Cat jump up and put herself right in between George and Tom and she starts fighting Tom. It doesn’t get too far because I jump up and stop it. But it really surprised me to see Cat standing up for George.

I guess I can understand it because I see them sleeping side by side on my bed a lot of times. Even when they play rough, Cat makes sure not to hurt George. Even with the things Cat does sometimes in the house, she sort of opened a little place in my heart when she defended George.


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