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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I’m A Waver.

Down here when you’re meet a car on the road, a lot of people will wave at you. Not everyone does, but a good number of people do. Everybody has their own type of wave. I’m a fingers waver. While driving instead of taking my hand off the wheel to wave, I’ll lift my fingers for a wave. Since there are all type of driving styles there are different waves. You have you wrist waver. They will drive by resting their wrist on top of the steering wheel while driving and lift their entire hand to wave, but their wrist is still on the wheel. You have some people who sit so low in the seat that sometimes you can’t see their head, but you will see their hand pop up. Then you have the two handed, hand off the steering wheel waver. While keeping one hand on the wheel, they’ll lift their whole hand off the wheel and give you a good solid wave. My younger brother is one of those.

Fmom told me about one time she was with this brother and going down the road he would wave at everybody. One time Fmom asked him who that was he waved at. He told her he didn’t know. Fmom told him he must be running for some office because he waved at everybody. My point there is that waving get on some people’s nerves.

I had a boss once that was from Chicago. He hated it down here, and he would come in the office and complain just about every day of people waving at him. One day I got fed up with it and told him it must be hard for him with the waving down here. I told him I’m sure in Chicago you just step over the newest dead body in the street and ignore it. I don’t know where that came from, but needless to say he wasn’t happy. He did stop complaining about waving though.

So waving down here is just something a lot of people do. It shows they’re friendly, and sometimes it shows they have a sense of humor. Have you ever been waved at by someone, and immediately stop thinking of what you were thinking about and begin wondering, do I know that person.



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