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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Lawnmower Fixed + One.

I went today and picked up the lawnmower blades and my b-I-l and I got them put on. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I sat on the ground by my b-I-l and watched him change them. It can’t get easier than that.

What still gets me is when I went to pick up the blades, the guy that was supposed to be here on Monday to pick the mower up, didn’t mention a thing about it. I told my b-I-l what I had written about earlier, that I didn’t know if they had too much business or just didn’t care. He told me they just didn’t care, which I believe is right. He also told me if the roles had been reversed, that guy would have been yelling the loudest of anyone about missing an appointment.

One of my younger brothers was here this weekend too, and he told me he had just bought a new lawnmower. He said he would bring down his old mower and we could use that if we wanted to. I think he said his old one is a Husqvarna. He told me there’s nothing wrong with it except the right back tire has a slow leak. But this one has a grass catcher on it. He’s going to leave it here so that it can be used out at the farm when needed. That means I have a back up mower now. Oh the joy!

So even though Fmom has always been against me mowing the lawn on a Sunday, it looks like I’ll be doing it. I’ve got no excuse not to mow now. I might even break out my MP3 player and try to keep the ear buds in while mowing.

This summer appears to have suddenly gotten much longer.

This is for Manny. This is the closest I could find for me. They need to put an old man sleeping in a chair on that site. :)

Updated this one. This is more to my nature. :~)



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