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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Irony!

When I lived out in California, I used to go to some very good Chinese restaurants. I became proficient with chopsticks and really enjoyed eating at these places. We finally got a Chinese restaurant here in town about two years ago. It’s one of those chain types with the food being fair, tons of different choices and they’re pretty fast. I always wondered, since this is a small college town, why one wasn’t here much earlier.

A couple of days ago I went to get a pick up order, and as I walked in, the bubble burst. Wafting over their small stereo was country music. I stopped for a second and thought – WHAT THE HECK! Well really I thought something different, but I wanted to keep this clean. While waiting at the counter for my order, a guy comes in and asked what’s in Kung Po beef. He keeps pronouncing it like it looks, and the lady keeps correcting him. I thought to myself, you’ve got country music on your stereo, and you’re trying to teach a guy who has probably never eaten Chinese food how to pronounce it right. The irony was almost overwhelming.

I count myself lucky to have lived in so many different places, and known many people of different cultures, races and nationalities. Although we don’t have as many different people and cultures down here as a lot of the big cities, it’s is nice to see new people coming in, and to see the folk here trying new things.



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