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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Class Reunion and Lawn.

My youngest brother is attending his class reunion this weekend. I’m not sure which year it is, but I think it’s his 27’th. For me it would be a 37 year reunion. Since some of his old classmates will be driving by the house, he was a little up in the air about the lawn looking good. As you all know I could care less about the lawn, but I did get it mowed. I had to hire someone to do the weed eating and a general clean up of the yard. If my brother still lived here, I would have told him to have at the yard, but he lives over two hours away and works everyday, so I decided to cut him some slack.

The one good thing is I didn’t have to weed eat down by the pond. I hear the snakes are saying they just can’t scare the rest of the residents around here like they do me. Hah!

Hope everyone has been doing fine and thanks for your thoughts earlier.

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