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Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Want A Lollipop!

Growing older has its advantages. You’re not in the middle of youthful turmoil, and things that used to bother you don’t seem to matter as much. Also with growing older comes some not so good things. Medical test for one. When you’re younger you’ll go to a doctor for one specific complaint usually. When you get older they want to test everything every couple of years. This is a good thing, but you can say dignity and modesty are thrown out the door.

I’ve got to go in for a colonoscopy and the whole thing is not something to look forward to. I admit this will be a piece of cake compared to the hospital stay I had for migraines. I’ll go in, they’ll sedate me, and I’ll wake up after it’s all done. Who could ask for more? Well actually I could. I’ve got to drink that horrid stuff the night before to start the whole procedure. If you’ve never drunk the stuff, you don’t know what you’re missing. Then it’s to the doctor and wait, wait, wait. This is embarrassing enough to begin with, but to be on a stretcher in one of those hospital gowns is not something that adds to your ego. You finally get wheeled into the exam room and once in, you see the scope and all the equipment they’ll be using. I don’t need to see that! If I had my way, I’d be knocked out before I even left the house. Finally someone will start to give me the medicine to knock me out. As much as I want to be out during this procedure, I always try to fight the medicine to see how long I can stay awake. It’s no use because I’ll wake up in the waiting area later on, and I know I’ll be there for awhile until they let me go.

So you go through the whole embarrassing thing and you think, is this it? You remember back when you were a kid and saw the doctor. At least you got a lollipop. Here they will tell you; OK you’re fine, you can go home. That’s it? Wait a minute, I just went through something pretty big and even though I don’t remember it, that’s it?

I want a lollipop!


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