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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Coffee Grounds.

Don’t you hate it when even the simple things go wrong? Making coffee is one thing. You put the coffee grounds in the paper filter, put the filter in the coffee maker and fill up the reservoir. You press a button and then you go and do other things. Ten minutes later you come back for fresh coffee. Well 99.99999% of the time you do. My s-I-l told me she made coffee today and I went to the kitchen later ready for my first cup of the day. I look at the counter and there’s coffee and coffee grounds all over the counter and the floor. Now this isn’t world shattering, but if I had already had my first cup of coffee and this was the second pot, I could have taken it better.

I think whatever hit the family is gone now. I still think it was something that my s-I-l cooked because it hit us all at the same time. It hit Fmom the hardest, but she’s up and around again and appears to be feeling much better. I let my s-I-l know that I appreciated her cooking, but she didn’t have to worry about cooking anymore. I guess now I have to include the making of coffee too. Over the time we all haven’t been feeling well, I’ve let the house and lawn go, so I can see a lot of work this weekend.

Back to the coffee maker. Olivia and Laura have been telling me how much better coffee is with a French coffee press. Another overflow like that, and I’m likely to go hunting to buy one. I keep wondering though, if that extra work you have to put into making it with a French press is worth the effort. Maybe one day if I win the lottery and I go visiting everyone, Olivia or Laura can make me a cup and I’ll see what the difference is.

Here’s hoping everyone is having a great weekend.


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