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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Looking For Cat.

Cat scared the every living hell out of me yesterday. During the summer she stays outside at night like Tom. She comes in every morning to eat and then sleeps all day. But in the evening she wants out. Yesterday morning I took George out and Cat who is always there and ready to come inside wasn’t there. At the time I thought nothing of it and decided she must be asleep somewhere. I went out three more times calling her that day and nothing. Well in times like this, my mind starts worrying about the worst. Did she get run over, did a wild animal come and take her? So in the evening I starting getting really worried, and I’m looking all around the house. I tell Fmom I didn’t see anything, and I’m going to drive around the neighborhood, and see if I can find anything. I drive around and no Cat anywhere. I pull into the carport and there she is, sitting on the lawnmower.

I guess sometimes you transfer your parental feelings toward your pets, because when I saw her I was mad that she put me through that, and then relieved that she was all right. If you look at it, in equivalent years Cat is older than I am (62) and George is an old man (84). I wish sometimes that I could get them back to their kitten and puppy stages. But then I figure that I just wouldn’t have the energy to keep up with them. So we’ll all grow older gracefully unless Cat scares me really bad again.


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