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Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Little Slackatude.

I’ve been hibernating here for the last couple of days. My sleep routine is so thrown off; I don’t know when I’ll get back to my regular wake/sleep pattern. The rels got back the other day and I was surprised when I got up. The house was clean and not messed up. Something must have come over them, because this is not like them. I’ve got to go grocery shopping today. I checked the fridge and pantry and both are completely empty. With the rels here, what would last Fmom and me a month will last about a week and a half.

To show you what kind of brothers I have. My youngest brother (Yb2) came by and got his riding lawnmower the other day. He has been using a push mower at his house. He said his lawn isn’t that big and it was not a problem. Of course he left his riding lawnmower here for me to use, and because he knew I wouldn’t be mowing this lawn unless I had a riding mower. Since my next youngest brother (Yb1) decided to let us have his riding lawnmower, Yb2 finally decided he would finally take his home. I have to admit the Yb1’s mower rides, drives and mows much better than Yb2s. I just have to figure out some way now to have them pay to have someone come over and do the mowing. In my dreams of perfect slackatude, I’m never on a lawnmower.

Well I hope everyone’s weekend has been going well, and I’m hoping everyone is enjoying themselves.


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