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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Old Fashioned Way

I haven’t posted much because I haven’t felt well lately, but yesterday I woke up feeling good. That is until I encountered the plumbing monster. I got up and started cleaning on the kitchen and no problem. I went down to the guest bathroom and problem. I figured one stopped up toilet, I could handle that. I found out that a clog is smarter than me. I worked on it and nothing. So I put in a load of clothes in the washer, which I found out was a mistake. Just about every drain in the house overflowed. I quickly figured that this was beyond my plunging expertise, so the professionals are coming by here this morning.

Sometimes you have to admit there’s nothing as good as an old fashioned out house.

Added: The professionals have come and gone and the plumbing is back to normal. We've used these people whenever anything plumbing goes wrong. They're a mom and pop type operation. One thing I can say for them is the price is right. It only cost $55 to get everything back to normal. Plus they know the family and were asking about everybody. I'm sure if we called a big outfit it would have been 3 or 4 times the amount and not as friendly. Now that I can start running water, I see a lot of cleaning today.

I still think a backup out house is a good idea though.


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