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Thursday, December 28, 2006


OK I’ve been lazy and haven’t posted in a long time. I blame it partly on so much family around during the holiday, but I really haven’t felt much like posting anything. You know when you get talked out. Well I guess I got written out for a while. I’m trying to get back into my routine so hopefully I will.

We had a good Christmas with about 34 people showing up out at the farm house. It was family, extended family and friends. There was so much food I can’t name it all. Each brother and sister had a present exchange at their homes and then there was another at the farm house. Fmom made out like a bandit with the gifts, as she should have. She started to get tearful and protesting saying “I shouldn’t be getting all this.” I told her not to worry that I would take it and sell it all if she wanted, but she wasn’t too agreeable on that. I did get some pictures of the inside of the house, but they’re not turning out like I want, so I’m working on it.

Hope everyone is fine, and I’ll be posting later.


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