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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Busy Day

Today will be a very busy day for me. I’ve got to drive an hour one way to an appointment for me, and then turn around pick up Fmom and drive an hour the other way to get her to an appointment. As I said yesterday, I had to take Fmom to her Physical Therapy appointment and it really surprised me. The Therapist said she was doing great. The reason I’m surprised is she’s missed many appointments and doesn’t do all the exercises at home she’s supposed to. But he said she’s got good range of motion and doing fine.

The weather here has been pretty nice. It has been very cold during the morning, but now we’re in the 50’s during the morning and 70’s during the day. This is supposed to last until the weekend and then a new cold front comes through. I still remember the heat of the summer, so I’m happy for any cold weather.

I hope everybody’s week is going fine. It was always hard for me to get the week started after a long weekend. So hang in there.


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