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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just a Normal Day

I’ve been up most of the night. George woke me up first and after getting on the net for awhile, I decided to go back to sleep. Just when I was getting to sleep, one of my brothers shows up at 3:30 am. There’s an illness in his wife’s family and he dropped her off there on his way home here. So I’m up until an early morning nap hits me again. That is if George stops barking long enough.

I’ve got to take Fmom to pick up her new dentures today. It’s a long story, but I broke her old dentures by running over them with the car, and no I didn’t do it on purpose. Hopefully the new ones will fit her better than the old ones.

Other than that, everything is running normal around here. Hope everybody has a good Thursday.


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