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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Slackerly Movement

This was written by Teach313 in the Froggy Bottom Café of Booman Tribune. I usually ask can I copy something, but honestly don’t know where to find him at three in the morning. This came about as a joke about me leading a movement for slackers. I said I couldn’t lead a slackerly movement because that would require work. Sort of the eternal question. Anyway Teach313 wrote this and after reading it, I thought my God how beautiful and I want to live there.

I see the FM led Slackerly Movement akin to spill't molasses oozing slowly from a high point of an uneven table, pooling leisurely onto the floor with effortless, hypnotic inevitablity. As it is dribbles along, the gooey rivulets gather adherents, who passively renounce all other interests and plans to join the peaceful slackers drifting along in the sweet, sticky flow. All is calm, all motion downward. Gravity sings its siren call. The molasses smooths away friction until we, the newly sanctified slackers, are vertical and have attained napdom. FM, peacefully below the fray, is curled cozily on his perfectly formed sofa, (the hip fits here, the knee pillows just so, a large, shared pillow for George to share, a homemade quilt drawn up under his chin). He lazily opens one eye, smiles, and welcomes us to the movement, before returning to his holy nap. We yawn, return the sleepy smile, and fade away. Life is sweet, when you know Inner Napdom.

Thanks Teach313! If that isn't an advertizement for slacking then I don't know what is.


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