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Thursday, November 02, 2006


I took Fmom to her first Physical Therapy session yesterday. They were surprised she had so much mobility in her shoulder, but still put her through her exercises. She did very well on these and I’ve got instructions on what we have to do at home. She followed the instructions at PT pretty well, but I don’t know how she’ll do having me prod her to get her exercises done. This might be a Brothers and Sister thing where I bring them in to keep at her about it.

I’ve got a Doctor’s appointment this morning. Supposed to have the stitches removed from my back. Can you tell how much I’m looking forward to this? (snark) Actually it will be a big non-event. The back is better and I’ll probably be in there about 10 minutes. Wouldn’t be so bad if the doctor was local, but I hate that long drive to the big city. It’s kind of funny in a way on the drive there. My b-I-l drove me up for the procedure and to him it’s just a drive across the neighborhood. My niece and nephew live there and he and my sister drive there all the time. So as with anyplace you drive to all the time the trip doesn’t seem as long to them. It’s that autopilot thing. I used to do it when I had to drive a long distance to work. Since I’m not as mobile as I used to be, any distance over 10 miles seems like a trip to me.

Well I hope everyone is doing fine today and see ya’ll later.


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