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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Surprises All Of The Time

I think we’ve figured out how to keep track of the voting for Olivia, and as of now, she’s 4th out of 5. Come on people, we can do better that this! Anybody who hasn’t voted, go over and vote today and everyday until it’s over.

On to other stuff.

Some of you already know about this from the café yesterday, but my doctor’s appointment left me with a new surprise.

I seem to always get surprises whenever I go to the Orthopedic Surgeon. The first was when he found I had a fractured vertebra. I thought it was just a very bad pulled muscle. Then yesterday they did a bone density test on me and the doctor told me that I had full blown osteoporosis and 19% bone loss. He told me he usually sees this in men at the 85 to 90 year old ranges. So now I have to start doing a lot more exercises and a lot of things different. As I said in the café, me and exercise just seem to go against the laws of nature.

Another thing for me that goes along with the bone loss is the treatment. Since I had reflux disease before, the doctor doesn’t want to prescribe any oral medicine for the bone loss. Instead he wrote a prescription for something called Forteo. He said he didn’t know if my insurance would cover it, but he did know that Medicare wouldn’t, because it’s like $600/month for it. Now if my insurance covers it, it does have another draw back for me, I will have to give myself a SubQ shot everyday for 18 months to take this stuff. Oh the joys of aging.

Other Things Added:

I'm listening to a podcast by FARfetched right now and I'm impressed. He's done a very professional job. Everything from music fade ins and outs to interviews. Unlike me he doesn't have a bunch of ahs between each sentence, or other repetitive words that distract from his message in the podcast. I was saying over at his blog that with his voice and timing, it reminded me of an interview on NPR. Way to go FARfetched!

BTW here's the link: FARfetched Podcast Here.

Well that’s it for today. I hope everyone’s day is going well today.


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