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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Southern Delicacies.

I told Olivia I would put up some information of Southern delicacies. So to brighten your holiday cheer and give you a few ideas for holiday goodies here goes.

1. Chitlins: Wiki definition. You might ask where they come from. Well here’s the best picture I can find.

Click for larger image.

Six pounds of chitlins.
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As one person says, if you can get past the smell the taste isn’t too bad. My father liked them, but I never could get past the smell.

2. Grits: Wiki definition. I can remember eating these from my earliest memories. Grits just seem to go with everything. From breakfast to supper. Just about anything can be mixed with them, but I'm more of a basic type person and prefer butter, salt and pepper.

Click for larger images.

3. Pimento Cheese Sandwiches: Wiki definition. These are a staple. We don’t make it in this house, but we buy it at the grocery store. There are a bunch of different brands, but we buy one called Mrs. Strattons. Of course no pimento cheese I ever tasted compares with my Grandmothers. Although pimento cheese has mayo in it, we always add additional mayo onto the bread. Yum.

Click for a larger image.

4. Cornbread: Wiki definition. Cornbread was another staple we were never without. There was nohing better than hot cornbread with plenty of butter on it.

Click for larger images.

5. Fried Okra - Couldn't find a Wiki definition of it, but it just breaded okra that's cut into about one inch pieces and deep fried. They're served as a side dish and eaten like popcorn sometimes. I like to dip them in ketchup.

Click for larger image.

6. Deviled Eggs: Wiki definition. At any party or gathering there are always deviled eggs.

When you get a little time and would like to experience the taste of the South. Just go right ahead. When you get through consuming such great food, you just might start saying ya'll.


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