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Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Years.

Usually for New Years night I stay home. For me it’s to far to drive to get anyplace and I hate to be on the road during that time. I do miss when I used to live in cities and it was just a block or two to the local bar. Here where I live they have what’s called Blue Laws. One of them is anyplace that sells alcohol is closed on Sunday. So down here in the country where most people act like they don’t drink, there will probably be a rush on the liquor stores today. Nope usually on New Years night, Fmom, George, Cat and I will sit back quietly and observe another night gone by. Now since Tom is the outside cat, I’m sure he’s out checking out all the parties.

Last year my nephew stayed with us because where he lives you can’t shoot fireworks off on New Years night. So he and I went out by the pond and I watched him while he fired off all different sorts of fireworks. The fireworks he had were kind of small and that got me to think of when my brother and I were his age. My Dad would bring home a bunch of fireworks and then let us go. I was thinking kids now of days are so closely watched and supervised. Heck my older brother and I would get roman candles, walk off ten paces from each other, light them and start dueling. I know we were probably lucky not to get hurt, but I think if I had a parent right over my shoulder the whole time we were shooting fireworks, it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

I hope everyone has a fun, happy and safe New Years.

Added: OK I've switched over to the new version of Blogger. It also has what's called coComment. Has anyone tried that out, and what can those who know, tell me how the new version of blogger will help me?


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