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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back To Work.

It the beginning of a new work year. I was thinking back earlier through my work life there were a few jobs I’ve had in my life time that I really loved. One was while I was in the military doing the OSHA/EPA job. I felt good about that job and looked forward to going to work. Back then though, you could end up in a new office every two years. Although the job didn’t change, the people you worked for and with did. I had never worked in offices before and I found that at one place where it was a joy to come to work, at another with different people it was no fun what so ever.

I know people who can explain it better than me have categorized each type of personality you find in offices, so I won’t even go into to that. I do know when I had people working for me I tried to make work a place they wanted to come to and to let them know that just as long as they got their job done, I had their back.

I guess the only way to have a good work place is to start you own business and surround yourself with people you like. Since there are very few people who can do that, I hope whereever you are working you enjoy yourself and have good people to work with.


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