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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

George and Cat.

George and Cat are about to drive me crazy. George has gotten to the point to where when I take him out in the back yard without a leash; he completely ignores me when I call him. When I know he’s through using the bathroom, he just keeps sniffing and walking around no matter how much I call. When he sees I’m getting mad, it doesn’t matter to him. He’ll just keep doing what he wants to until he’s ready to come inside. I can see the leash is going to have to go back on for awhile.

Now Cat has been doing pretty good until this morning. Last night I had washed and dried a blanket that was on the bed. Early this morning when I got up Cat wouldn’t go out, so I decided she didn’t need to. I’m laying on the bed later and she jumps up and squats right by me on the blanket and starts urinating. Needless to say I was mad. I picked her up and put her outside where she’ll stay all day. She knows I’m mad too because when I took George out a little while ago, she was up rubbing her head against my leg the whole time. Then when George was through she was almost climbing over George to get back in.

Oh I almost forgot. New Years Eve was George’s B’day. He turned 10 or I guess in human years 70. I wish I had as much energy as him in my 50’s.

I hope everyone has a good day and stay warm.


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