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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bad Mood!

You ever have one of those days where you know from the start it not going to be a good day. Today seems to be one of my days. Fmom woke up on the warpath and I’m expecting the rest of the day to just go downhill. Everything from no coffee in the house to I forgot to buy new razors. The old one felt like I was trying to shave with sandpaper. At least with George and Cat they’ve been Ok so far today, but the day isn’t over.

This kind of day puts me in a bad mood and I don’t like it. As usual I won’t stay in a bad mood and this one will pass pretty fast, but I hate to feel this way. Sometimes I think that if I could find a cave somewhere I would be a hermit. Of course the cave would have to have all the modern amenities. Couldn’t do without electricity, TV, Phone, DSL, not to mention bathroom, kitchen and everything else. The only problem is there’s not that many caves around like that.

I hope today everybody’s day is going well or at least better than mine.


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