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Friday, January 12, 2007

Yesterday Was Not Good

Yesterday was not a good day. Fmom fell again last night and it took me forever to get her up. She didn’t hurt herself, but I think I hurt my back again. It hurts like hell to just bend, so I’ve put a call into the Ortho doctor that I’ve seen and waiting for a call from him. Then in the middle of the night Cat decided since she couldn’t wake me up, she would pee on the bed again. This time it wasn't a little quarter sized area, but she let it all out. I woke up and put her outside and I was mad. I stripped the bed and put everything in the washer and discovered we have no laundry detergent. I scrubbed the mattress; got a hair dryer and dried everything out and then turned the mattress over. This just made my back worse. Then last night after all of that I slept on the couch. It’s a comfortable couch, but I woke up all stiff.

Since I slept past 12 noon today from everything happening last night, I’m so thrown off my schedule that I don’t know when I’ll get back on it. We were supposed to go see the new niece today but that out for now.

I hope this isn’t a preview of how the New Year is going to go for us. If so, come on 2008.


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