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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Usually I can nap whenever, but from time to time I get a No Sleep Night (NSN). I don’t know about everyone else, but I got to the point long ago that I don’t keep trying to get to sleep. I’ll try for awhile at first, but usually I’ll get up and do something. Before I retired, a NSN was the worst. I would try and try all night to get to sleep, and by 4:00 am I would start to worry about falling asleep. I would start to think that an hour or two of sleep would be better than nothing, but I would worry that I would oversleep, so I wouldn’t get any sleep. That was the worst because I knew I needed the sleep, but was too worried to get it.

However, now that I’m retired, I nap during the day anyway, so when an NSN comes up, it’s just a little bit annoying. I guess my biggest complaint now of days is what comes on TV at very late hours. Starting at 4:00 am there’s nothing but infomercials on most of the channels. Since I’m a serious channel surfer, this cuts down my surfing by 80%. I’ll get on the internet, but I just don’t surf the internet as much as I did when I first got on. So I’ll try to watch an old movie, or clean the house without waking up anyone.

So does everyone else have NSNs, and if you do, how do you handle them?


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