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Monday, July 28, 2008

Same Oh, Same Oh

Not a lots been going on around here. They did that other test on Fmom and said she didn’t qualify for medicare for O2. So the doctor has written her a prescription for it and it will have to be out of pocket. I still can’t get over how expensive the O2 and set ups can be. I think this is something the entire family will pull together with and make sure she gets it.

I had another up all night again, but it wasn’t from Fmom this time. I had to go to the ER yesterday for a migraine and I’ve been up all night with it. It’s slowly getting better, but I use the word “slowly” cautiously.

What else has been going on? My older brother decided to visit and to bring three of his grandchildren along. To say it has been calm around here would be an understatement. Thankfully they’re heading back after this weekend. Fmom has even had enough and is ready for them to hit the door.

George has a vet appointment tomorrow and finally will get his summer hair cut. I’m telling them to cut it all off. He’ll look like an overgrown rat for awhile, but I think he’ll be much more comfortable.

I keep waiting for my computer to crash or something. My oldest great niece almost insists on using my computer to keep up with her friends in
Facebook. I’ve been really hesitant about her using it because I’m not too sure that Facebook isn’t the only place she surfs. I’d hate to pick up a virus like my brother did when his son went to a site he’s never been to before. Spam kept popping up so often you never could use the computer. He finally had to taken it into a repair shop to be fixed.

Sorry I haven’t been around to everyone’s site to visit lately. It been kind of hard to be jovial lately, and I figure there’s enough doom and gloom on my own site. I hope everyone has been doing good, and I’ll try to get around to visit everyone soon.

Take care.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Different Things.

Hello everyone! Things are chugging along here. We’ve been having a hard time with Fmom’s asthma, and we not to long ago found out she has emphysema. We just got her approved for Oxygen, so I’m hoping that helps her out. She has pretty much kept me running day and night waiting on her. It’s not too bad during the day, but at night getting up just about every hour is taxing.

We had our annual flood and overflow here last week. The water pipe from the main to the house sprang a leak and then the sewer lines overflowed. We got hit with two different things at one time. Luckily we found someone who fixed both problems at a reasonable price. After that it was just cleaning all the bathrooms which was a chore. At least it didn’t do any real damage in the house.

Mary the lawn guy came by the other day, and both Fmom and myself said what a great job he’s doing. I’m glad we found him because I don’t really think I could get the job done now. Plus I’m hoping that if I’m not out there doing anything by the pond, my friends the snakes will forget me and move on. With no rain lately, the lawn is start to turn a nice brown. Whoo Hoo!

Other than that, we’re just trying to get through the summer. I hope everyone is doing fine, and that you’re staying cool.

Take care.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Expecting To Much.

Although I’m a very slackerly kind of person, in some things I’m a perfectionist. If I’m doing something for myself, I might not pay as much attention to detail as I should, but whenever I’ve worked for someone, I’ve always tried to do the best most detailed job I could. To give an example, the last landlady I had was in her mid-70’s. She had told me she could never find anyone to clean her house the way she wanted. She saw how I was taking care of the house I was renting from her and asked would I be interested in cleaning her house. To cut a long story short, I used to go to her house and clean it once ever two weeks. Even when I moved back home she would call and I’d drive and hour and a half to her house. After awhile that just got to be too much and I stopped. The last time I talked to her, she said she couldn’t find anyone who cleaned it as well as I did. I’m not bragging, but when someone is paying me to do something, I do the best job I can.

A couple of months ago I got the lawn mowed but couldn’t do the weed eating and general cleaning of the yard because of my back. My brother said he knew someone who could get it done and so I called the guy. He shows up with his son and I tell him exactly what I want done and we agree on a price. He and his son start working and later I go out to see if they need anything. I look at what they’ve already done and I’m thinking geeze what a shoddy job. So again I tell him exactly what I want.

It ended up when they thought they were through, I had to show them what I had asked them to do earlier that they didn’t do. Now some people take the initiative and do a really good job and other try and get by with doing the minimum. I’d found I had hired someone that did the minimum. So while I was paying him, I was looking at a whole area I had asked him to weed eat that hadn’t been done. I was so frustrated that I thought what’s the use. The one place I did make sure he got done was the area by the pond. I’d heard the snakes down there were beginning to ask where I’d gone.

Anyway after the experience with that guy I was a little hesitant about hiring someone else. Luckily I saw someone across the street mowing, weed eating and cleaning my neighbors yards. I went across the street and asked if he was taking on any new yards. He said possibly and asked which yard. I pointed to our yard and he said let him take a look at it. After he looked at it he said he would charge me $50.00 to do the job. I was flabbergasted at the price. The guy that had done such a shoddy job and was only hired to do the weed eating was asking for $60.00. So needless to say I hired the new guy right away and told him I wanted him back every time he did the neighbors yard.

I talked to Fmom about it and she said that maybe the first guy didn’t know how to do a yard. I told her that there wasn’t that much brain power involved in weed eating a yard. I don’t know, but Fmom might be right. Maybe the first guy was the type that had to have someone standing over him constantly to show him what needed to be done. Maybe this was the first time the guy had ever used a weed eater. Maybe I’m getting old and expect too much. I don’t know, but I sure am happy we’ve found this newest guy. The only thing I have to do is make sure he has a check when he’s done, and I know ahead of time he’ll do a good job.

So do any of ya’ll hate it when you hire someone to do something around your house and you end up having to keep reminding them constantly what you had already told them what to do.

ADDED: Just incase

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