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Friday, April 28, 2006

Slacking and Work Ethics

Today is a workday for me. There’s a wedding this weekend and the whole family will be here. I’ve got to finish up the yard and there will be a thousand errands. I’m really happy about the wedding because they are two good kids. However, this is really cutting into my quest for slackdom. As I was telling someone, I helped in getting the farmhouse ready for the reception. I handed someone a screwdriver and that was pretty much as far as I wanted to go with working.

I was just thinking of when I lived in German and my 75-year-old landlady taught me what work ethic was. She taught me no matter how small or dirty the job was, to do it the best you can and to take pride in what you did. Just knowing you did the best job you could is reward enough for happy feelings.

She taught me this, when she showed me how to wash windows properly. I had my Windex and paper towels and she just laughed. She had a chamois cloth and bucket of soapy water. I watched her as she started and I could see she was really enjoying herself, and the windows were a lot cleaner. Pretty soon I started following her example and found, yea this isn’t so bad. Each window was a new job and I was going to do the best job I could. Needless to say, I felt a big sense of accomplished afterwards. Just from washing windows.

I tried to take that work ethic and put into everything I did. I’ve been given jobs where I’m sure there were other people who could have done better, but there’s no job, no matter how much I didn’t like it, that I didn’t feel good about. I know that I worked as hard as I could and to the best of my ability, so regardless of the job outcome, I gave it my all.

So in keeping with my work ethic and quest for slackdom, I think I did a pretty good job on handing that screwdriver over. It wasn’t the hardest working job or the most time consuming, but hey, I’m a slacker.

UPDATE: I've found today what I said about work ethics doesn't apply to lawn work. One of my bosses used to say, "It doesn't have to work, just as long as it looks good". So instead of getting down on my hands and knees working in the flower bed and mowing all the lawn. Today it's just mowing the front and side yards.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Outside In

I left home today to get the plowing done, down on the back 40. Really it was more to find my favorite tree to nap under. The family has been working on the farmhouse. I knew they were going to spruce up the place, but....

I get back home and find they’ve redecorated!

It's amazing what a little paint will do.

And that hole in the backyard. Wow!

We’ve even got an inside outhouse now.

Of course these pictures represent nothing I had or have. But I have been to Neuschwanstein castle many years ago. The outhouse - no comment.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yellow Flower

In between the rain, I was trying my hand at flower pictures. As was so gracefully pointed out to me, this is Coreopsis. Thank you very much, but yellow flower will do me fine. :)

The buds.

With a little photo imagining.

I'll keep trying to do more pictures as the spring and summer go on. I'm now trying to figure out the marco function. At the moment, I just press the marco button and hold the camera near the flower. Not sure where to go from there.

Wishes Do Come True.

Ever wish for something or think it would be nice for this to happen today? I was sitting at the computer thinking OK, today the lawn. I take George out and it’s sprinkling. I’m thinking this is a good sign. I come back in and look at the weather map. Rain is coming this way! No lawn, no weeding the flower gardens, no non-slacking endeavors today.

However, some wishes come with prices. When I do get to the lawn and garden, the grass and weeds will have grown. There will more pinecones to pick up, and more raking to do.

I’m beginning to believe there’s something to living out of an igloo.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Road Trip. Part II

I started out on my day of errands and my Mom who is 80 years old wanted to go. That’s great because I like to get her out of the house. We went into my small town and did a few errands (dry cleaning, yes we do have one) and decided to take the old road to the city. The interstate came by my town a couple of decades ago and made what was an hour and ten minute drive into a thirty or thirty five minute drive. She hadn’t been the old way in a while and we started our journey.

Driving the two lane winding road, I can see it needs repair from the numerous log trucks that use it. My Mom would have me slow down occasionally to show me where so and so lived (sixty years ago), or to see how some of the old houses had gone down so badly. Then she would talk about how when she was young it was the only way to get to the city and about different adventures she and my Dad and she and her friends would have when they had gone there.

We get to the city and she pulls a fast one on me. She wants me to go into a cosmetic store and ask where the other store she likes has moved to. I don’t mind going into any store and picking up whatever she wants, but I explained to her that you don’t go into a store and ask where their competitor is located. We drive around for a little looking for the other store and she points to where it was. Her mind is clear and she knows exactly where it was located. I tell her not to worry, I’ll find out where it’s located and make another trip into the city.

We finally get back home and George acts like we’ve been gone for a month. Back and forth he’ll run between the couch and the chair. Spend a few seconds with me; spend a few seconds with Mom. This goes on for about 10 minutes every time I leave for more than an hour.

I usually look at these trips to the city as a pain, but when my Mom goes it more than a history lesson. I listen to her stories of the past and can see what building a dear friend or relative lived in long ago. I hear her stories of youth told with loving remembrance and a little sadness. I love for her to reminisce, and I love to listen.

So today’s trip wasn’t a pain. It was a journey for an old woman who saw glimpses of youth, and her son who saw those glimpses through her eyes.

Road Trip?

I’ve got to get the lawn done today, but I’ve also got to go to the city. That’s about 80 miles round trip, plus the time to pick up what we need. When you live in a very small town, there’s no popping out to pick up something. You have to prepare for the trip (to me 80 miles is a trip), make a list and make sure you didn’t forget anything. Checklist, that’s the name of the game. If you drive to the city thinking I’ll just remember what I need, you’ve lost it already. Even with the checklist there’s always something I forget.

I’ve lived in a lot of cities before and there are a lot of things I miss about them.

Like relaxing drives

Leisurely walks

But the country does have its charm too.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Fog On The Pond

People have gotten me into taking my camera outside now. I got some new pictures yesterday and this morning.

Fog On The Pond

Some White & Purple Flower
I think it's a lilly

It's more cleaning today, and I hope to be finished by afternoon. Then it's on to the lawn. I'm sure it won't get started until tomorrow.

Slackdom is putting its hand out to me, but I can only reach far enough to touch its fingers. I hope by the end of the week I can get a firm grasp on slackdom and nap the day away.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Still Cleaning.

Today is a day of slackdom I hope. I was able to obtain a new level of lazy yesterday, but nothing is perfect. It’s more cleaning all the dust from the ceiling repair and cleaning the house.

So today I’m putting up some old nature pictures I’ve taken.

I think this is the best one I've taken.

Another one. Don't know what it is.

A Magnolis blossum.

A tulip from this year.

So, slack or clean, slack or clean. The unending question.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Handicapped Parking Spots Rant.

I don’t usually use profanity, but this made me so mad that when I wrote it, this was what I was thinking.

I just went to the store. As usual I didn’t spend thirty minutes driving around the parking lot waiting for someone to pull out so I didn’t have to walk an extra five feet. I take the first closest spot no matter how far.

I get to the front of the store, where the handicap parking spots are and there is a small sports car in the handicapped parking spot. No sticker, no nothing. There’s a lady in a van waiting for the spot to open. I can see her handicapped sticker and that her van is equipped for a handicapped person.

All of a sudden I’m pissed off. I’m lazy, I embrace lazy, I’m the epitome of lazy, but not even I am that damn lazy. It pisses me off to see perfectly healthy people take handicapped spaces because they are too lazy to walk a few extra feet. Oh yea, I’m in a hurry and it’s an open space and no one ever uses them. There is no one in the world whose time and saving a few extra seconds, of said time, is that damn important.

I walked into the store scanning around wondering who the asshole was that is so important that they had to deprive someone of not only what is theirs, but also what is a necessity. I go and get my stuff and at the check out counter I see out the window the car is gone and the van is now in the spot.

I’m driving home and getting more and more pissed. I wish I had gone to the manager. I wish I had picked up the microphone and said “Attention shoppers. The asshole in the handicapped parking spot, move your damn car.” I didn’t and not only am I pissed, I feel bad for doing nothing.

I hardly ever rant, but this pisses me off!

This was written the other day. I hate anger and especially hate when I’m angry. It doesn’t happen very often, so this is probably one of the few rants I’ll ever do.

I remembered something I had written awhile ago over at Village Blue. It would have never been written without the kind encouragement of Diane and Shirl. I re-read it a couple of times, and I thought it would be a fitting end to my story.

Happiness is a Job.

I know most of this will be old hat to the seeker and searchers who have found what they’re looking for. I’ve probably read or heard this many times before. You know how nothing is new, just recycled. However, it’s something I have to remind myself of from time to time.

Happiness Is A Job. It’s not something that just comes to you. You have to work at it. No matter if it’s relationships, hobbies or searching for your special place, it takes work. Some people will sit in their chairs watching TV and expect happiness to be there. Doesn’t work and it won’t happen.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always believed the lazy shall inherit the earth, and I’m glad to say I’ll be in that multitude. But keeping that happiness, peace and contentment - I work at everyday.

The Religion of Me.

I’ve never been a very spiritual person. I’ve looked through most of organized religion and found some good things. Deciding to be a taker, I took the good things and made my own religion.
I wish I could fly to the starts like Shirl or have the deep worldly thoughts of Diane, but alas, I can’t. I’m me and I work everyday to be the best me there is. The me that knows there is good person, a kind person, a person of special talents inside this cranium of mine. The me that knows I can make someone happy today. So I give.

We are all givers and takers. I’ve taken things; I’ve taken more than my share a lot of times.
Never material thing, but things like love from family and friends. In the same respect I’ve been a giver and more than a giver a lot of times. A giver of my time, my space – myself. These things make me happy. They also make me exhausted sometimes. Everyone that wants my attention, from my loving family members down to my loving, little ugly dog George (who by the way, won’t take no for an answer) I just have to say wait – I have something to do.

I go back to the Religion of Me. It’s a religion of “1” and no one else can join. I give to myself. I tell all takers – not now, maybe later. My religion has just kicked in and I have to go and do another job. That job is to myself happy.

It doesn’t work all the time, but I’ve heard it said before; you can’t give to others unless you give to yourself first. There is a balance there somewhere and that is what I work at.

Friday, April 21, 2006

AC Back On!

The AC man has been here and we now have AIR CONDITIONING!

Oh beautiful wonderful cool air. I feel enveloped by an invisible friend whose only concern is my comfort.
I have to stop myself from setting it to sub zero just to experience goose bumps again. Am I going to go outside into the heat and humidity again? Not today, nope, sure not gonna do it.

I’m thinking of teaching George to use the toilet just so I don’t have to venture out. But he is kind of hard headed and the lawn does seem to be his preferred method. So for necessary errands and taking George out I’ll make the sacrifice, but only for that and nothing else.

Today my friend and I are going to spend time together and become reacquainted.

A day of slackdom is within my grasp now.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Low Key Birthday Entry

In keeping with a friends request to keep her birthday low key, I will.

Who am I kidding?!

Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia, Happy Birthday Olivia.

A little hockey cake for you!

Enjoy your Birthday Olivia!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Day of Slackdom - Maybe

I was thinking yesterday that I need to put something up on this blog. I didn’t, but I was thinking about. I’ve heard some professional writers say that they would get up every morning and start writing. I can understand. It seems my mind starts shutting down after about 4:00 pm. I need to be in a time zone where I could talk to all my late night friends when I’m just getting up.

So what’s going on around here today?

The AC man called yesterday and said they would be here this morning. They have been waiting on a part and he said it would be here today. We’re first on his list. His son had come in and done the initial work. That was the first time I have met him and I’ve found he’s like his father and I like him too. Actually I feel bad about calling the elder. I found out he had fallen of a roof while on a job and was in the hospital for a month. He had always been really good to my Mom before I moved here and then to both of us since I’ve been here. He’s back to his old self, but I wish I had known about his accident before I called.

Other than that,

The carpet is almost completely dried. I don’t see any repercussions from the flood.
The ceiling in my room will be fixed soon.
My relatives will be leaving today or tomorrow, but probably will be back next week. That’s another story I’ll have to tell someday.
I’m back in George’s good graces after his bath.
And, my Mom seems to be doing OK.

No emergencies have popped up so far today. It’s starting to dawn here, the birds are chirping and I feel a day of slackdom coming up, but it’s never a sure thing.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Zen Koan and Home Repair

Today is a new day. Were is that air conditioning man? I just took George out and it’s cooler outside then in the house. I’ve got windows open and fans on, but it’s supposed to 92F/33.3C today. That’s one of the reasons I gave George a bath yesterday. I figured it would cool him off somewhat. I think it just steamed him up more from being mad about the bath and brushing.

I found out what a zen koan (Cohen) was yesterday. The question was:

Can one work at being a successful slacker?

My answer:

To obtain enlightenment, one must merely be.
I am slackdom, so I embrace my inner self.
Therefore, doubling my efforts to be myself is obtainable by doing nothing.

The never-ending question of, is being lazy work or do you work at being lazy. Can such a thing be?

However, as much as I strive to attain the perfection of slackdom it is not to be.

A water pipe burst in our main bathroom and soaked the hallway and small parts of the bedrooms. I’ve been working all morning getting the water up. We are waiting on the part to fix the air conditioning so I’m kind of happy it’s out. The oppressive heat will help dry the carpet out quicker.

I have a home carpet steam cleaner that I’ve been picking up the water with. The count now is 45 fill buckets emptied. I used every towel we have and now every towel is washed and bleached. The dryer is filled right now so I'm waiting for those to get done and then put some more in.

Optimism - that's what I'm looking at today. With the AC out it will help dry out the carpet quicker. I found the leak and it was to a small hot water heater installed years ago in the main BR. Luckily it has a cut off valve on it so; I cut that off and turned back on the main water.

I'm actually feeling blessed with having no AC now and the day is looking up.

However, my search for the perfect lazy day is not to be - today.

Many strive, but few obtain.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Today is a new day and I was wondering what to write about. While I was looking around my eyes fell on the one thing that has been with me for 11 years. My best buddy and someone who gives love without any reservation.

George is the most loving little creature I've ever know. However, he can be a pain in the butt. He's a yapper. He barks at everything and everyone except for me and my Mom. It's enough to make me want to climb the walls sometimes, but when he calms down he'll always jump up in my lap, put his head on my chest and just look at me. I can't stay mad at something like that.

I've always considered George in the catagory of so ugly he's cute.

Ya gotta love a face like that.

That face isn't too happy with me now. We, and I do mean we, had a bath. Out on the patio with a garden hose giving George a bath is a waterpark experience.

These are the before, during and after pictures. I've gotten him toweled off and next it's the brushing. He hates that as much as the bath.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Come on in, sit a spell and lets talk ~ Open Thread

I just switched to holoscan commenter yesterday. In keeping with my doing the most possible with the least effort, it seems easier.

I'm still learning more and more about blogs and hopefully I'll get this going in a directions that is pretty good.

For those wondering, this is me about 25 years ago on a camping trip at the Bodensee in Switzerland. I decided to supervise while everyone else put up the tents.

Friday, April 14, 2006

One Unifying Blog

I posted this as a comment over at Boo Trib a while back, but I've kept wondering why not?

I am just a novice in the political arena and I know this is a very simplistic idea, but I’ve never understood why all the liberal/progressive blog leaders don’t get together and hold a modern continental congress. I know each blog owner is trying to make a living doing this, but if all could get together, hammer out a constitution of what they stand for, elect leaders and then form one blog where the best of all the blogs could be put. Each individual blog owner would keep their blog, but all would contribute. I’ve heard Booman and Mary Scott on radio and I’ve seen Kos mentioned on MSM. As of now there is no unifying voice speaking for the all the liberal/progressive blogs. I know it’s a pipe dream, but what if there was one blog that said this is who we are and what we believe. These are the best writers from all the blogs and these are the messages we are trying to get out. Everyone keeps talking of organizing. Each blog is like a colony before the revolution, each equal and independent. Each having their own rules and leaders.

But until each blog leader can come together and hammer out something to unify the blogosphere, we’re just a bunch of individual voices that are trying to be heard.

commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Air Conditioning in the South

When you live in the Deep South, you can’t survive without air conditioning (A/C), whether in your house or car. The last couple of years we’ve had to have the Freon topped off on our house unit and it has been done by people we know and trust. Well our housing unit needs a major overhaul. We were told that it would be fixed by today and we would have A/C for the weekend. I just found out they have to order a part that will take three or four days to get here.

The weather today is predicted to have a high of 89F/31.6C and by Tuesday 95F/35C. So now it’s breaking out the fans and preparing to be miserable.
To show you how technology has changed our lives. My father years ago wanted to put A/C in my Grandparents house. They wouldn’t hear of it. The most I ever saw them use was a box fan in the living room. I can’t imagine living without A/C now.

To all my friends up north, do you want trade for a little while? I would be happy to take a little cold weather for the next week.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Grandma's Letter

One of the things that touched me about my Grandma was a letter she sent my mother just before she and my father married. The letter is very old and worn, but here is what I could make of it. I took my Mom’s name out because I don’t know if she would like her name published.

Dearest ,
Just a note to tell you how glad we will be to welcome you into our family circle. We have always loved you and will love you more for your own dear self and then because Sonny Boy loves you so dearly, and we want you to feel that you are really one of us.
I’m sorry you couldn’t go to your own home for I know what it means to every woman to have a home of her own. You will not have to stay with us many months for we plan to fix you all a home this fall, and the good part about it you’ll be here and can help plan what you want done.
Please tell all of your family we want them to come to see you here any time they can for they will always find a most cordial welcome.
Our one prayer for you both is that your life will be one of happiness and I feel it will be for I believe you both truly love each other and will be willing to make some of the sacrifices _________ it takes to make a happy and successful life.
May Gods ____________blessing rests upon you both today and always.


Your mother to be and Mama

The ________ are words I couldn’t make out. My mother and father married and lived with my grandparents for awhile. My three aunts lived there at that time.
My mother has told me during that time and while my father was at WWII that she was never treated as anything but a sister and daughter.

I plan to write more about my Grandmother, because to me she was always a very caring, loving person to me. I feel lucky to have had her and the rest of my family for the short time I did. Now my grandparents, my father, aunts, and uncles are all gone. My mom will do as most old people do and reminisce about the old days. As a kid I didn’t really want to hear the old stories, but today when she talks, I listen. I wished I had listened when my Grandparents talked.

Isn’t it funny that once you get older and finally realize that you aren’t the center of the universe, how much your memories and the memories of loved ones come so much to mean to you.

Welcome one and all.

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