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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Lawnmower Fixed + One.

I went today and picked up the lawnmower blades and my b-I-l and I got them put on. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I sat on the ground by my b-I-l and watched him change them. It can’t get easier than that.

What still gets me is when I went to pick up the blades, the guy that was supposed to be here on Monday to pick the mower up, didn’t mention a thing about it. I told my b-I-l what I had written about earlier, that I didn’t know if they had too much business or just didn’t care. He told me they just didn’t care, which I believe is right. He also told me if the roles had been reversed, that guy would have been yelling the loudest of anyone about missing an appointment.

One of my younger brothers was here this weekend too, and he told me he had just bought a new lawnmower. He said he would bring down his old mower and we could use that if we wanted to. I think he said his old one is a Husqvarna. He told me there’s nothing wrong with it except the right back tire has a slow leak. But this one has a grass catcher on it. He’s going to leave it here so that it can be used out at the farm when needed. That means I have a back up mower now. Oh the joy!

So even though Fmom has always been against me mowing the lawn on a Sunday, it looks like I’ll be doing it. I’ve got no excuse not to mow now. I might even break out my MP3 player and try to keep the ear buds in while mowing.

This summer appears to have suddenly gotten much longer.

This is for Manny. This is the closest I could find for me. They need to put an old man sleeping in a chair on that site. :)

Updated this one. This is more to my nature. :~)


Friday, June 29, 2007

Still Waiting.

We have one small engine repair shop in town. It’s run by someone I’ve known since I was a kid. Heck they grew up not more than 150 yards from my house. There’s a blade that’s severely bent on my lawnmower and I can’t use it until I get new ones. Well I went down about three weeks ago and asked if they could order a mulching blade set up for my mower. Yep they could and that was no problem. I waited and waited and finally called. I was told right off that they don’t make those anymore. I wondered why wasn’t I called and told about this. So I asked could they put on regular blades and I was told yes. Since I have no way of getting the mower to them, I asked could they pick it up for me, and I was told it would be the first of this week before they could pick it up - nothing yet.

I don’t know if they have too much business or just don’t care. I have relatives here now and they parked their car in front of the mower. I was wondering if they showed up and thought it wasn’t worth the effort to ring the doorbell, and let us know they were there. I don’t know, but I do know I’ve got to get it fixed soon because the lawn is looking bad and dang it, my neighbors have been doing an excellent job on keeping their lawns.

Now I know I’m slackerly, but I think I’ve met my match.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sheet Snobs

I found out about an insidious group of people some months ago. These people are supposedly all over the world and they love what they have and even flaunt it. These people are the “Sheet Snobs”. When I first found out about them, I knew I had to delve farther into the back alleys of Home and Garden. I had to find out what drove these people to speak not in hushed tones, but loudly about Egyptian cotton sheet. Never in my life had the thought of Egyptian cotton come to mind, and to me a sheet was a sheet, but these people, with their noses held high, spoke of these sheets as if they were handed down from a high. So I decided to investigate.

I found that cotton grown in Egypt has a staple length of over 2 1/4", twice the size of that in generic cotton and 60% longer than Pima cotton. On May 17, 1927, the Misr Spinning and Weaving Company, in Al-Mehalla Al-Kobra, was founded, which is indeed the backbone of spinning and weaving industry in Egypt. Now that I’ve found this out I had to look at some of the sheets on the Internet. I never knew a set of sheets could cost the same as a house payment, but some places do charge that.

Being the ever-curious person I am, I decided to forego half a year’s income and buy a couple of sets of these wonder sheets. They were delivered yesterday afternoon and I figure by tomorrow morning I’ll know if there is such a thing as sleeping on a cloud. Regardless if I think they’re great or not, now I’m a Sheet Snob. I’ll be able to say, “ Only the best cotton comes from Egypt”, and I’ll be able to break down historically, staple length and thread count why these sheets are superior.

Now you might wonder why a person who continually dozes off in his computer chair would buy such a thing. I mean I can sleep anywhere/anytime. So why do I need these? I don’t, but I now know more about sheets, thread count and much more than I ever wanted to know. However, I have noticed one side effect of buying these sheets. I find myself walking around the house seeing the ceiling a lot more. I’ve never been a snob of any sorts, but I do notice my nose keeps pointing up for some reason. The next thing I might have to try is one of those new mattresses with the springs. Just think, never having to replace corn shucks and chicken feathers again. Oh the joys of fine living.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Changing Attitudes.

I’ve noticed something over time that’s kind of funny. Whenever I sit down to write something; it seems to be harder if I don’t have the streaming radio going at the same time. I listen almost exclusively to LiveIreland and its traditional Irish music. I couldn’t tell you who is singing/playing what, but I do like to have it in the background. What’s funny is I’ve never liked traditional music. When I was growing up Fdad tried to get all of us to like the Grand Old Opry and Bluegrass. The more he tried, the more I disliked it. I guess the time I came to really dislike it was when he would make us sit in front of the tv and watch the Grand Old Opry. I can’t really blame him because he loved the music and wanted to instill in us a sense of that love. I didn’t really get into music until my late teens. I grew up listening to pop/rock and some other types, but that was usually only in the car. I never did really care to have a record player or a radio until later. It’s only in the last couple of years that I found I like Irish traditional.

So I guess it’s like I used to tell my daughters when they said they didn’t like some type of food. As you get older, your taste and attitudes change. So get used to it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Can you eat too much yogurt? Fmom and I went through the fudgesicle wars not to long ago, and that was a standoff. Now she’s into yogurt. FMom and I are the same with food sometimes. I don’t know if other people do this, but once we find something that we like, we eat that until we’re burned out on it. Strawberries and peaches are a point in fact for me. When I was a kid, FMom would prepare strawberries and peaches for freezing. We had boxes and boxes in the big chest freezer. I would go to the freezer and get a box and while sitting in front of the TV, I would start chipping away at the fruit and eat until the whole box was gone. Then I’d go back and start again. I did that so much that I finally got burned out on both. Don’t like them up till this day. I’ve done that with other foods, but I’ve tried to watch overdoing it.

Now with Fmom, the older she’s gotten the pickier she has gotten about what she eats. It’s hard to find things that she will eat. Whenever there’s a warning about beef, pork, fish or any meat, vegetable or anything on the news then she decides she won’t eat that again. So trying to find what she will eat and to have a good diet for her is a little difficult. Anyway to get off the fudgesicle kick, I bought yogurt one day and she was off and running on that. She doesn’t even want fudgesicles now, but I’m making daily run to the store for yogurt now.

It’s like I’ve said before, if I ever make it to 81, I don’t want anyone telling me what to eat, when to go to bed or anything for that matter. I figure if I ever make it that far, then I must be doing something right, and definitely don’t want to be treated like a child. So keeping that thought in mind, I try to make sure Fmom eats right, but she is going to eat and do as she pleases. Now to get her off this latest kick or at least to tone it down a little. BTW I’ll eat a yogurt every now and then, but I’m not trying to keep up with Fmom like I did with the fudgesicles.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Relatives, Rain and Dentist.

The relatives have finally gone. They left yesterday afternoon when I was asleep. Yesterday was sort of a bad day with this tooth, or more exactly with the loss of. So I slept as much as I could.

We got a little rain last night, and we might be lucky enough to get some more today. It’s not nearly what we need, because we’re still in severe drought conditions. But any little bit helps.

So I’m on the search for a new dentist. As Boran said over at the Café, the odds are with me, so I’ve got to get a good one soon. I really hope so. My biggest problem is I can’t go by word of mouth on who is good. With my insurance I have to take who is in the group, so as I said before, I have to pick by name. I think this time I’ll pick the next big city West of me, instead of East to see what dentist they have. Sooner or later, I’ll come back saying what a great experience I had at the dentist. Yeah sure.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Bad Pick!

When I walked into the office, I knew I should had turned around and walked out, but I had looked up this dentist, and the city paper had written up an article about, So$So earns top dental honor. I figured that’s a step in the right direction for picking a dentist.

When I walked in, the dentist was sitting at the front desk with the receptionist. I explained that my lower left molar crown had broken off, and that I had pain accompanying it. Now usually when you walk into a doctor’s or dentist’s office you expect it not to be completely sterile, but at least passable. My first impression was this place is really shabby – thus the impulse to turn around. I explained also about my insurance and what type of budget I’m on. “Oh that no problem, they said.” I still felt uneasy about the place though.

I finally get back to the chair and the assistant starts taking x-rays. Now my problem is my bottom left back molar, but she’s taking x-rays of the right side of my mouth. I tell her where the problem is and she says she knows. She keeps asking me if I have had a full mouth x-ray, and I tell her I’m not sure. She asked the same question three times. I finally tell her yes, I do think I did have one done. So after x-rays, they do a cleaning. I’ve needed a cleaning, but I’m not sure why it’s a priority before he takes care of the tooth I came there for. Finally the dentist comes in.

This is the beginning of pain. I usually tighten up and hold my breath whenever I’m getting the novocaine. Not from pain, but because I hate needles so much. This was the first time I’ve experienced real pain during the novocaine injection. We get that done, and he waits for a little while. It doesn’t really feel deadened, but he starts on the way to pulling the tooth. I almost come up out of the chair when he starts. So more novocaine. He ended up using four tubes of the novocaine, and from what I got, the reason being is he kept missing the nerve. It was one of those teeth where he really has to work to get it out and he finally gets the tooth out. During the extraction that area of my mouth feels like there hasn’t been any deadener put there. The dentist gets up and leaves. No thank you, no if you have a problem, no nothing. The dental assistant at least told me to be careful getting out of the chair. Now to what really pissed me off.

As I said, I do have dental insurance. Since this is the first dental procedure of the year, I had to pay a $50 deductible. I figured that since a crown had broken off and I was in pain that this would be covered under emergency, which is 100% covered. It basically was just a dentist pulling a tooth, but he marked it down as dental surgery, plus he charged extra for the novocaine, and since he marked it as surgery, I had to pay 40% of the bill. I saw the pay schedule they had, and for a surgical procedure of an impacted tooth, they charge $186. I tried to figure out everything, but I still can’t figure out why I had to pay up front $144.40. I’m thinking I could have gone in without insurance and probably paid the same thing.

So what gets to me is, I think because he saw fresh insurance, he did things that weren’t necessary, and I think he also charged for a procedure he didn’t do (surgery). To top that off when I get the checks written out, the assistant give me a prescription for an antibiotic. I had already told her I’m allergic to penicillin, but the script is for penicillin. I point that out to her, and I also let her know I’m hurting at this moment. I ask will he be prescribing anything for that? She told me to hold on and she’ll go see the dentist. She finally comes back and she has a new prescription for Keflex, and said the doctor said when I get home to take some Advil and to swish warm salt water around in my mouth. So that's it. Another bad experience at a dentist.

I learned something though. When I walked into the office, I should have gone with my gut feeling about the place. The next time I will.

Dental Again.

I’ve been staying away from it for awhile, but it’s dental time again. I just had a molar crown come off and the gum is hurting. The last two dentists I had, I’ve given up on them. It seemed like they had a pain/sadistic thing going, and I didn’t like that. I’ve often wondered why some dentists don’t care too much about the pain. Or is it just my luck to find these people when there are other dentists who try not to cause pain? I don’t know.

Now my big problem today is I have a list of dentists that are in my insurance plan, but who to pick? I don’t know any of them, and there’s no one I can ask, so I’m using the best possible method to pick. If I like the name, then I’ll give them a call. Ah, you say, that’s pretty stupid. Well I have a 50/50 chance of getting a good dentist and I’ve already narrowed it down by 2. The 2 past dentist I saw are on the list, and so they’re out.

I did call one dentist yesterday, and when I asked did they take my insurance, they said yes, but I had to pay up front, and I had to file my own insurance. Well that sort of pissed me off and I told them, “No thanks.” To me that isn’t taking your insurance. It's just saying, yes we’ll say we accept anything as long as we get your cash first. I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that the dental profession is one of the biggest rip offs. So my search for the perfect dentist continues.

As with most things, it’s hit or miss.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Usual.

As usual when you have relatives visiting and a really young child is part of the visit, things go wrong. I woke up this morning and went into the main bathroom and found wet towel all over the floor. My great nephew has this thing about flushing the toilet. I guess after I went to sleep, and while his grandparents weren’t watching him, he flooded the bathroom. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before, so I’m not too upset. I’ve got the first load of towels in the washer (yes I still have to have the lid up when I wash) with about a quarter of bottle of bleach.

I was thinking about it and this is a good thing. I pulled out a towel yesterday, and when I grabbed it to dry off it still had that strong sulfuric acid smell. I had used a strong drain cleaner when I was trying to unstop the drains from last week, and everything backed up into the washer. I've already rewashed them four times, but I was going to rewash them anyway, so now it’s just something that’s got me going sooner.

On other home fronts, we’ve got honey ants again. My family has a bad habit of getting up in the middle of the night and making something to eat. You ask, do they clean up after themselves? Why of course not. So this morning I cleaned up the kitchen and found a small army of ants. I took care of them with Clorox cleaner, which works wonders by the way. What I’m looking for those is some way to take care of them without reverting to bug spray or Clorox. Anybody got a natural way of taking care of ants? I know I’ve read somewhere about different things, but I would be interested to know what ya’ll use.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Cat and George

I saw something yesterday that really surprised me. I had taken George out to do his thing and Cat was lying down on the patio. I look up and see Tom coming toward the patio. When Tom first arrived, he and Cat used to get into some pretty good fights, and then they came to an understanding. Well Tom comes on the patio and Cat goes up to him and they touch noses. Then they both go to their ends of the patio and lay down.

All seems well with the world and then George comes bounding up to the patio. He goes straight to Tom who gets up and starts swiping his paw at George. Now if Tom ever really jumped on George, he would destroy him. But while this was going on, I see Cat jump up and put herself right in between George and Tom and she starts fighting Tom. It doesn’t get too far because I jump up and stop it. But it really surprised me to see Cat standing up for George.

I guess I can understand it because I see them sleeping side by side on my bed a lot of times. Even when they play rough, Cat makes sure not to hurt George. Even with the things Cat does sometimes in the house, she sort of opened a little place in my heart when she defended George.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Sometimes you feel affirmed, you feel there is a FSM, and that he/she/it does listen to you.

This morning I was whining about I’m ready for my relatives to go home. Well I set my feet in, and I got a long nap because I wasn’t going to deal with them this morning. When I finally woke up, from what was an excellent nap, I find out my great Nephew had taken the scissors to his head, and given himself (sorry Olivia) a haircut. His Grandmother had given him a nice one yesterday, but he decided he’d like a little more of the top, the sides, the front and the back. He did one hell of a job on himself. He looks worse than George when I try to do the clipping myself. The only way he can look half way normal again is for them to get it all cut off. His Grandparents gave him holey hell about it. After they went back to their room, I called him over and told him he did a good job, and next time his Grandmother gives him a haircut, he should do the same thing. I told him, “It’s your hair, you should cut it how you want.”

Hah!!!! I feel all is well with the world now.

I’m Ready.

I’m more than ready for the relatives to go home. My brother when he’s here never does anything anyway, so that’s an expected given. But my s-I-l used to help out some. I think she has washed one load of dishes since they’ve been here this time, and half of them were ones they made dirty. Now that wouldn’t be so bad except they bought their 3 y.o. Grandson with them. He’s not as bad as you would expect though. A lot of times if I’m on the computer or doing something and he comes to my room, I’ll tell him I’m busy right now and he’ll turn around and go to the living room and find something to amuse himself with. I don’t remember, but I’m sure I was much more whinny back at that age.

Anyway between trying to keep the house cleaned, cooking and taking care of Fmom and the great Nephew, I’m ready for them to head back to their kids house. Don’t get me wrong, I get most of my slack time in, but it is a hassle not to get the less than optimum naps per day in.

I’m still looking for that perfect day of slackdom though.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Pond From Looking Down.

I decided to give the big picture of the pond for ya’ll. I downloaded Google Earth last night and was surprised to see that in my area the pictures had become much clearer. I haven’t used it in probably about a year, and you couldn’t even tell where my neighborhood was back then. It has gotten much better since that time.

If you look at the arrow you’ll see almost a straight line where in the backyards there is the brown grass (mine), and the green grass (my neighbors). The next picture I took this morning, and it shows very well the brown/green demarcation. My next door neighbor is one of those people who has to have a green lawn. Even during this severe drought, the neighbor has those automatic sprinklers going ever morning.

The bird's eye view of the pond.

Click to enlarge.

Green/Brown line in backyard.
Click to enlarge.

I have to admit I was surprised how well and close up it turned out on the map. If you haven’t tried Google Earth, you should download it and give it a shot. You can probably find your own house if you want.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cherish What You Have.

My favorite Uncle was considered a little crazy by the rest of the family. He was one of these people who were so intelligent, that sometimes you don’t know how to deal with them. He was a fighter pilot during WWII and I have a picture of him from back during then. He was a college grad who had his teaching credentials, and was one of my teachers for awhile in our little grammar school. When I was growing up he and my aunt, my father’s sister had been trying to have children. They didn’t have a child for a long time, and since there was an overabundance of kids in my house, they became my surrogate parents. I spent many hours with them once I got old enough to walk the mile and a half to their house. Both he and my Aunt never showed anything to me but kindness and love. My Uncle taught me how to drive.

I was ten years old and he had an old Ford Falcon. It was a standard shift with four on the column. For those not old enough to know what four on the column is, just imagine you’re shifting gears with a stick coming our from the steering wheel column. It’s the classic H pattern. Pulling back and up is reverse, back and down is first, forward and up is second, and forward and down is third.

We lived on the farm way back in the country, and we had a gravel road going in front of our house. It was perfectly straight and about 4 miles long. My uncles would patiently sit in the passenger side and put me through the motions of learning to shift the gears while learning that there was a clutch also. Up and down this gravel road we’d go, with the car looking like it was coughing itself to death. The man had patience because I’m not a fast learner. I finally mastered how to smoothly start off in first gear and then transition to second and third. By third gear I was Master of the Universe. Keeping the car on the road and dogging potholes, I felt like my world was opening up. I was going faster than a walk and it was under my control. It was mechanical and I didn’t have to put any effort into walking or peddling. For you that know me, this was slacking at its zenith. Oh how I loved my Uncle for introducing me to this most perfect form of slacking.

After I had mastered the driving to his satisfaction, I would always pester him to let me drive by myself. If he were busy doing something, I would ask him to let me take the car for a ride up and down the road. More times than not, he would let me. Now I had an older brother that anytime he could drive a car, he acted like he was at Daytona. Me on the other hand, took things slowly. I didn’t have to feel like I was going a hundred miles an hour. I only had to feel that I was sitting on my butt and moving someplace. The Slacker’s Code again. Anyway, my Uncle had taught me well, and I followed all his rules for driving. I never got over 35 mph and if another car was coming toward me I pulled over to the side of the road until it passed. Remember I lived waaaaayyyyy back in the country on a gravel road and there weren’t that many cars that came through there. So letting a ten-year-old take the car back in the early Sixties wasn’t that big of a deal. It was a rite of passage back then to be trusted to drive a couple of miles up and down the road. My Uncle gave that to me and to this day I remember and love him for that.

When you get older you start looking back at all the family you’ve lost. My Uncle died when I was thirteen and that effected me greatly. He had what was called a bad heart back then. Today he could have probably had surgery and lived a long life. I really loved him and my Aunt, who was also my favorite Aunt. As I said before, they were my surrogate parents. When you have a lot of brothers and sisters you feel left out sometimes. Middle child syndrome I think. My Uncle and Aunt both gave me something I desperately needed at that time. A feeling of being special and knowing that they always had time for me. It’s funny that I miss them more now than when I was younger. Cherish what you have now, because time is so short.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Way Past Spoiled.

Let’s see what’s going on? George has gotten extremely clingy lately. At first I thought it was from me being gone to the hospital for a couple of days, but then I got to thinking it’s from my great Nephew. He constantly wants to brush George, which is fine with me, but George doesn’t seem to like it. So at the moment George is off the bed and under my computer chair and he’s not moving. Now this isn’t fine with me because I’ve already rolled over his tail once.

Another thing about George. He has turned into a very picky eater. I’ve tried everything with him. Wet dog food; dry dog food and human food. I was starting to get worried about him that he had lost his appetite. But yesterday I made a big pot of stew and I gave George a little. He wolfed it down. So I gave him some more and then some more. His little belly looked to about to burst.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that George is way past spoiled. Not only will he not eat dog food, but also he’ll only eat certain things I cook. Did I mention he doesn’t like cold food. Not hot, but it has to be warm.

Now I understand the old saying, “It’s a dogs life.”


Sunday, June 03, 2007

It Always Comes In Threes.

They say everything comes in threes. First the washer broke, but I did get that fixed, then the drain clogged and it turned into a major repair, but the repairman got that fixed and now the stove. We have one of those glass top stoves. Well I just looked at it and it's not a crack, but a break going all the way down one side of it. I’ve never heard of one of them breaking, but I guess they could. I looked on the Internet to see of there was a replacement for it. There isn’t. The stove is too old for the department store that we bought it from to carry the part anymore. So then I went to the name of the company that made the glass itself. It printed on the glass top. I couldn’t find anything for a replacement for it anywhere.

This has got to be the very last thing that goes wrong this year. I remember last year the AC went out and my ceiling flooded and I forgot the third thing that happened, but after the third thing, nothing more broke or happened.

I’m actually feeling good about the broken glass top. That’s my third thing and I’ve got the rest of the year free and easy. Nothing to worry about because I got my three things out of the way. Nothing is going to break, nothing is going to happen and I’m going to win the lottery. So there!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Afternoon Pond Pictures

Friday afternoon pond pictures. I've been trying to get this stitch program to work right, but it seem if there are more than three pictures, it really screws it up. So I'm at taking two pictures and sticthing them together.

Wide Pano

Click to enlarge.

Tall Pano
I wish I could get the height of this tree into the picture, but it's almost impossible.

Click to enlarge.

Just a picture

Click to enlarge.

Added: As usual I have to add something. I've been working on a kitchen sink clog for the last two hours and it's really pissing me off. I put in a load of clothes to wash and the sink in the kitchen starts to overflow. When they hooked up the washer and dish washer to the drain they got it backwards somehow and when a clog happens you've got dirty clothes water going into the dishwasher and flooding out over the sink. I hate home repair! I just hate it. I guess the reason being is because I'm not good at it. Well at least the repairman will be here in the morning and he'll unclog the same clog that he had to do before. As I said in another post--ARGGGGGGG!


Back to Normal.

It’s another normal day at the FM household. For us retirees it’s payday today, and I’ve got to write out checks and see my entire monthly windfall dwindle down to nothing. I figure that’s a pretty usual occurrence everywhere. It’s sort of one of those high/low roller coaster rides every month. At the beginning of the month you feel so exhilarated because although the coffers aren’t full, you do have something in there and by the day after payday, then the exhilaration has come to an end and reality has set in again. It’s just another part of trying to get by in today’s life. I’m starting to get a little tired of the lottery taking so long for me to win. Then again, I’m getting tired of living in a state with no lottery. As I heard Jeff Foxworthy say one time, the redneck retirement plan was buying those lottery tickets. :)

Yesterday after I finally got back home, George went crazy on me for about two hours. I couldn’t sit down or go anywhere in the house without him jumping into my lap or following me everywhere I went and whining to be held. I know he missed me. I know I felt the sorriest for George out of everyone, because he just didn’t understand where I had gone. But, he is always the happiest to see me. I think for awhile anytime I get ready to jump in the car and run downtown now, he’ll become very anxious for a until he learns I won’t be gone that long. I was sort of surprised by George yesterday though. Whenever I have to leave him at the vet for a few day and I finally pick him up, when he see me out in the waiting room, it’s a never fails thing that he pees on the floor. I wasn’t thinking and when I sat down in the living room chair and he jumps in my lap, I immediately thought, uh oh, I forgot and I’m going to get it, but he didn’t create one of his little messes on me. Thank goodness for that at least.

Fmom was also very glad to see me. I think she see a difference in the way I take care of her, and how the other relatives do. In other words, I do a much better job in her opinion than they do. What it comes down to is I wait on her a lot more than they do and she’s used to that. She told me while I was in the hospital that she saw how much she had me running around the house for stuff for her and she is going to start do a lot more of it herself. I figure that will last about two days. I don’t mind really waiting on her. I keep telling her that the reason I’m here, is to take care of her, and truthfully with the amount of smoke that’s been around here from the GA/FL fires she had needed it with her asthma. I’ll be glad when we get a good rain and it clears the smoke out of here.

Well I guess those are my little whines for the day. I’m over my big whines from yesterday, well maybe not completely, but for the most part.

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a good weekend.

Added: Here's the newest pana of the pond. It didn't turn out like I wanted, but I think it because of the pana program I have. BTW if you didn't notice, I got brave and got down close by the water. I figured it's still a little bit chilly for the snakes to be out this early in the morning. Enjoy.

Click to enlarge.

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