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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The First Car

Something that was said the other day got me to thinking about my first car. I’ll have to set the place, car, and time. The place was a big shop/shed building that my father, brothers and I built behind our house. The car was an old, and I mean old, Pontiac Catalina. The time was my junior/senior years of high school, late 1960’s.

The car had gotten old and after my brother had a wreck and smashed in the right back door (a whole other story), my father who had been ready to get a new car put it in the shed. It sat for a long time until I got my driver’s license. I lived on a farm about 12 miles from town. Just a small little town, but still the only place where kids my age would be. Plus I was dating and it’s hard to tell your girlfriend, “I can’t get the car, so maybe next weekend.” At this time the only thing I could think about was my girlfriend, getting out of the house and getting away from my parents for awhile. The only solution to the situation I knew was to get the old car running, but I had a big problem. I didn’t know a thing about mechanics, but I had a buddy that did. We, by we I mean he, worked on it for a few days and got it to running. Now the inside of the car was in very good condition and everything was electric. Late 60’s that was something. If I could have afforded it and knew how, I would have put an 8-track tape player in. But I took the car as is and was happy. Everything worked inside, even the window on the door that got smashed in. The engine was pretty much shot, and brakes I really needed brakes. My buddies told me he really didn’t know about driving this car on the road.

The only thing I could think is I’m free, I’m free. I could come and go as I wanted, as long as the stuff was done I was supposed to, and, and, the biggest and of all, look out drive in movies here I come!

Although I knew how to drive, I had to learn how to drive this car. You see it was a special car. It wouldn’t go more than 45 miles per hour and did I mention the brakes. The car pulled to the left and you always had to have both hands on the steering wheel and turn it to the right until you were going down the road correctly. The brakes, oh I loved those brakes. They were power brakes and when you hit the brakes the car would lunge to the right. So in learning to drive the car you had to hold the steering wheel to the right so it wouldn’t veer over into on coming traffic, and jerk it to the left when you hit the brakes so you wouldn’t go into a ditch. It took me a few times going to town, but I got pretty proficient at driving it. Never an accident never hit the ditch and it was farm roads, so hardly any traffic. I look back today and I’m very thankful that nothing ever happened to anyone else, or me.

A car needs gas. One of those pesky internal combustion problems that still hasn’t been figured out. I was lucky enough to find an after school job at the one of the local service stations. After school I would drive over to the station and work until 9:00 pm. Back then all service stations were full service. Windows washed, oil checked, tire pressure – anything that could be checked we check it, and filled up the tank too. It was a small town and on the nights I worked I could study or do what I wanted until a customer came in. The pay back then wasn’t even that good, but it kept me in gas money and a few other things.

Back then when you’re a kid and really have no responsibilities, you’ve got a steady to go with, transportation, and just a little bit of money, all is good with the world. I remember thinking one time when I was driving along, listening to the am radio, and cruising at 40 mph, I thought, God I am so happy right now, please don’t let it end. Well of course it did. I graduated high school, the steady and I broke up, and I had gotten a job. The car you ask? Just before I graduated it finally died. It was a very sad passing for me. But I did find someone who wanted it, even as it was. I never saw it again and never knew what happened to it. But I look back now and hope the people that got it experienced the same freedom, the same joy, and the same happiness that old beat up car gave me.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Persistence Pays Off?

I found something yesterday I hadn’t thought about or used for years, one of those little remote controlled cars. Now why would a middle-aged man have one of these? Yes the inner child in me, but that wasn’t the reason I purchased it. You’ll never guess really, but it was the only way I could eat in peace. Yes the little car and eating.

Actually George and his half brother Henry were the reason. A long time ago I would start to eat and both George and Henry would sit right by me and whine. Not the little whines, but the long carried out whines. The ones that don’t stop until they get what they want. I tried putting them in another room, but it just got louder. I tried to feed them before I ate, but they knew I was going to eat, and they would have none of the dog food. I even tried one time putting a large amount of hamburger meat in their bowls while I was cooking. They went over and sniffed, turned around and waited for me to finish cooking and start eating. Not a sound while I was cooking, but once I sat down to eat, they start. Once I finish I gave them just a little; I never gave them a lot. They finish the little I gave them, and happy now, go to their bowls of hamburger.

So one day the car came into mind. I bought it and put it on the floor. They come up to sniff it. They loose interest and lay down. Then I start the car and they both high tail it around the corner. While I’m playing with the car I can see both of them looking around the corner trying to figure out what it was. Two little heads, one on top of the other, peering around the corner and knowing they didn’t like what they saw. That was enough for them. So I put it up and the next day when I come home from work, I prepare dinner then sit down to eat. The car and remote are beside me and George and Henry start the whine. I calmly reach over put the car down on the floor. They back up, but the whining continues. I get the remote and start the car chasing them around the room. Not much and just a little bit, but enough for them to know it’s not going to sit there quietly while they whine.

So I start to eat again and hear the whine, push the button on the remote and the car moves maybe two inches, no whining. Eat, button, eat button, this goes on for a little while, and then they decided it’s not worth the effort. So after then I could eat in peace and not have to go through the routine whining.

So things change and I moved and I had put the car away and in that time Henry had passed away. I go looking for something in storage and when I discovered the car, what I was looking for was forgotten immediately. I bring the car into the house and George recognizes it right away. No movement from it, but George wouldn’t come near it, he wouldn’t even come to me when I called him.

A long time ago George started the whining again and I just put up with it. I could always bring out the car, but George and I have been together for a long time. It wouldn’t hurt him, but it would scare him. We’re both getting old and I don’t how much time either one of us has, but I can’t bring myself to scare my old friend. George will continue to whine and bark when he knows it’ll upset me, but that’s all right, because I know George really asks for nothing, except to be loved. He’s got that and he has me trained now just as he wants.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good Weekend

Nothing much to write today. I’m just hoping everyone has a good relaxing weekend. Be careful and enjoy.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Snow and Grass

I slacked pretty much yesterday. Today its back to the grind. More brushing George, vacuuming up dog/cat hair and I hate to even think about it, but out to the yard.

Why is it that grass, weeds and everything grows during the summer? I understand the reason, but the summer drains me when I go out. The winter seems to make me want to do things. Could be just trying to stay warm, but I don’t think so. I guess just like my body clock that wakes me up every morning whether I want it to or not, I also have a season clock. I don’t think I’m unusual in this. A lot of people enjoy winter much more than summer.

So as usual my timing, planning and everything goes to the wayside and I’m living in the land of the long, hot and humid summers. I choose here for different reasons but just a little longer winter is all I ask. Maybe a little snow to cover the yard. Why can’t grass grow through snow? Be out there when my seasonal clock is telling me, get out there and do something. But noooooo, it has to be during the summer.

So I’ll plod through the summer with ever increasing weeds and grass. I’ll battle the heat and humidity and tell myself, this is good for me. I’m up to 30 minutes at a time now outside. Just imagine July and August, maybe five minutes. A lot of weeds can get pulled in five minutes, and if you think this is a whine, just wait, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


What do I plan to do today? I plan to host the café at Booman’s Tribune. A great Progress/Liberal site filled with plenty of insightful and brilliant political commentary. The Café is a place where everyone is welcomed. Great breakfasts and when happy hour get going, watch out. Where else will I be today? Here’s my Thursday’s Blogroll.

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While you’re here leave a note if ya can, eh?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lulled Into Eating a Router.

I ordered a router a month and a half ago. First delivery got screwed up and I had to reorder. I was going to call yesterday to see what was going on and it came in before I called. All is well and good.

I take it out of the shipping box and start thinking this isn’t what I wanted. I wanted something to where I could carry my laptop around the house our outside. My laptop has a built in wi-fi and I didn’t think this was going to work. So I call the companies help line and give them all the info and said before I install it, will it work? Put on hold and wait, wait, wait and then told yes it will work. I was told to lets confirm that. I told them I had not installed it, and I would call back if there were any problems. Problems.

I call back and I give all info again and I’m told no that model won’t work and I’ll have to get this other model number. I ask about returning this and was given an 800 number to call and an extension. I’m wait for their computer to be updated and then call back. I get a voice saying you need to call this number. I’m thinking why would they give me a wrong number to call? I call that number and it’s a sex line. I’m thinking WTF. I look again at the number they gave me and I had transposed some of the numbers. So I call the number, give the extension and talk to a very nice person that says the number I was given for the different router isn’t even a valid number. I told him I repeated it twice to the other person. He told me wait and he would find me the right number. So I wait, wait, wait, wait and he comes back on and gives me two numbers. I said OK, I just want to see how to send this back and get what I need. He says let me send you to Customer Service.

Many rings later, a woman with a very sexy voice answers the line. I tell her what’s happening and she all “Ooooh I am sooo sorry.” I was lulled into a state of whatever you say. “Yes I’ll eat the router and see if it works.” “Sure I’ll jump up and down and turn around twice.” I know you’re sorry, but it’s not that big a deal.”

Well every question I had she didn’t answer and I have to go back through the people I ordered it through. She told me if there are any problem what her name was, the 800 number and extension. I thanking her profusely even though she didn’t help and I stop. I look at the number and extension and it’s the exact same number and extension I was given earlier. I told her so and asked what’s going on. She said sometimes customer service gets backed up and other people take the calls. After being lulled into another trance by her voice, I say OK and hang up. Later after coming out of the trance, I decided she must be a blocker. You got a fairly nice middle aged man that you can’t or won’t answer his questions, then shoot him over to her. She’ll have him thanking them for the wrong piece of equipment, and asking for them to send two more.

Ultimately I know it’s my fault because I didn’t do my research and make sure. So I broke a cardinal rule of slacking. Efficiency makes more time for slacking. So if I had done a little bit, just a little bit of work, I wouldn’t have to be doing all of this now.

The quest continues and I’ll start calling other places today, but I feel I’m stuck with another piece of equipment I can’t use. I might call back that girl with the voice to hear, “Ooooh I am sooo sorry.” Better not thought, I can’t use two more routers.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dog Hair and the Space-Time Continuum

I experienced a little space-time continuum zap this morning and it got me to thinking about dog hair. I never said I was completely rational.

When you have an indoor dog or cat, during the summer you are continually brushing. With George it's just like baths. I get the brush, I run him down, which is not small task, and put him in my lap and brush. George hates to be brushed, so he’s always squirming, turning from side to side; he generally gives me the impression I’m going to pay for this. So to say I do a really good job is not true. I get as much hair as I can, but I know there’s just a little bit left.

Now to the space-time continuum. I vacuum everyday or thereabout. I brush George everyday or thereabout. But instead of a few strands of hair, there are clumps that appear from nowhere. I mean they appear in rooms that George doesn’t even go in. I just can’t figure that one out. Sometimes I don’t know if they just appear or if George can do this at will? I wonder if after a brushing he thinks you made me mad so a clump here and clump there. I’ll even put a clump where you would never think to look. Hah.

Now I know there are many mysterious, magical, scientifically unexplained things in the universe. But dog hair, come on! So what’s the solution? George is getting a haircut. My quandary is do I pull out an old pair of clippers and end up with George looking really ragged, or do I take him to a coiffeur in a salon. The first I pay nothing and go through a lot of physical work. Not to my liking, plus George will be mad at make for about a week. The second, I pay an outrageous price, let George get mad at the groomer and I come in like I’m his saviour. He’ll be so happy to see me, he forgets I’m the one that took him there.

So while I ponder this situation, I’ll go and get the vacuum and start my daily hair collection, followed by George’s daily brushing.

Have a good day all.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Two Stories of Shoes and Planning

I wrote a little about a thing that happened to me years ago after holding on to some old shoes. I got to thinking back and I actually have two shoe stories. The first one is what I wrote a little about earlier, but I’ll elaborate on it and then tell the second one.

Nothing Last Forever

I used to hold on to all my stuff. I had a pair of shoes I know that were 15 years old and one day I decided to wear them. The were soft leather with rubber soles. I was dress kind of nice and was meeting up with some friends at a mall an hour away. The reason I was going was because one of the guys working with me was getting married at city hall. No coats or ties, just dress nice and casual and meet at the mall and go to city hall. So I drive there and when I start to get out of my car I see little pieces of rubber on the floor around the gas pedal and brake. I look at the bottom of my shoes and the rubber obviously had dry rotted and is falling apart in front of my eyes.

The only thing I could do was walk into the mall and find a shoe store. From my car to the shoe store was a path of footsteps of rubber bits and pieces. By the time I got to the shoe store, I had little to no soles left on the shoes. I go to the clerk and ask if he has this type shoe in size 13. He says, “I don’t know you’ll just have to look”. I think OK, if you want to be that way fine. So I start walking all around the shoe store with little rubber bits still coming off. My friends are laughing their butts off and I’m starting to get upset. The clerk looks and sees me leaving little rubber foot prints all over his store and gets one of those push broom sweeper and starts getting the footprints up to the point to where I’m standing. I look at him again and ask do you have this kind of shoe in size 13. I can see he’s angry and he told me he didn’t know, but he would look and please have a seat and stop walking around. So I sit down and wait. He comes back and tells me no they don’t have it. So still keeping my cool I say OK again and I get up and walk over to the section that has my size on display. I find a pair that is a lot more than I want to pay, but you gotta have shoes. So I take off my old one and put the new ones on. I put my old ones in the box and carry it up to the clerk, place the box on the counter and pay. I start to leave and the clerk asked me if I wanted to take the old ones and box with me. I told him nope that he could chunk them. As we were leaving one of my friends in a loud voice say, “ I can’t believe you bought another pair of shoes here. You just bought those yesterday and they fell apart on you in one day.” I didn’t look back, but my friend said he saw a lot of heads popping up.

The Shoes That Weren’t There

This is more for the oldsters if you remember. When I was in high school there was a band called Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. They were coming to a city near us and my friend and I had dates to go and see them. Well I had put my good shoes in the local shoe shop to be resoled and I was going to pick them up that day. My friend and I worked all day on getting his car really clean and shinny and doing other things throughout the day. As usual we waited until the last minute to start getting ready. I had bought my clothes from home since I live a ways away from town and I was going to pick up my shoes and get ready at my friends house. We go to the shoe repair shop first and it’s closed. I start to panic. The only shoes I have on are a worn out pair of sneaker and white socks. Just wouldn’t look right because we’re all getting dressed up. It was to late to run all the way back to my house to get any other shoes, so as in any situation, I had to be creative.

I wasn’t dating anyone at that time and my date was more a good friend whose parents were more like quasi parents to me. We get ready and my friend drops me off at my dates house and goes to pick up his date. Now to the creative part. The only person in town that I knew that had shoes the size of mine was my date’s father. I walk in their house and I explain what had happened and ask my date’s father does he have a pair of shoes I can borrow. By this time, Mother, Father and date are rolling in the floor laughing. My date’s father was a really good man and once he regained his composure he said sure, it no problem. He goes and gets me a pair of his shoes and brings a pair of socks also. Couldn’t wear white sock being all dressed up. I said they were the same size, but I needed a shoehorn to get them on. I’m way passed being embarrassed, but they were really good people and put me at ease, although the giggles didn’t help.

OK now I’m fully dressed, my friend show up with his date and we go to the concert. I had a really good time at the concert, but my feet were killing me. Concerts over and we leave. I take the shoes off as soon as I get back in the car. On the way back we decide to stop at a restaurant and get something to eat. I try to put the shoes back on and can’t. My feet had swollen and I had no shoehorn. I said to heck with it and go into the restaurant with just socks on. No one said anything to us, but we were all laughing the whole time. We got back home and I gave the shoes back to my date’s father and he told me to keep the socks. I put on my old sneakers and we leave.

I can still see date’s Father and Mother laughing as we drove away. My family and my quasi family have never let me forget those shoes.

So ends the tales of shoes and planning. Lessons I learned.

If you haven’t worn it in a long time give it away or chunk it.

Never wait until the last minute, but if you do, know someone with the same sized foot as you.

Friday, May 19, 2006

mp3 Players & the Meaning of Life.

You ever figure out how to do something on the computer and you’re really happy after all that work. You do what after hours of trying everything you can do, finally figured it out, and think OK I’ve got this down now. Then you go to other things.

A while back I figured out how to sync my generic mp3 player with my songs and I decided it was easy and I knew what to do. I don’t. I’ve been trying to get new songs on it this morning and can’t remember the steps I went through. The old rediscovering the wheel type thing.

I finally gave up. I went over to windows explorer and deleted all the old ones in the mp3 player and transferred one by one each new song I wanted. Very time consuming.

Now to my other complaint. How do people keep those little ear buds in their ears? They always keep popping out on me.

When I was a kid I felt a great affiliation with Dumbo. I figured out ears were about the same and I was always disappointed I couldn’t wiggle my ears. I wanted to fly. So to say ear buds the size of oranges should fit into my ears is pretty nearly right. But the little ones won’t. I’ve got some little headphones, but I’m not going to wear those. Just doesn’t present the ultra hip, cool look that I project so well.

What do I do? One of those sweat bands covering my ears. Nope not cool. I could do a small drop of superglue, but even I’m not that stupid.

So today I’ll nap and contemplate the complexities of the universe. Mp3 players and ear buds will be at the top of my list. I know the two play some part in the meaning of life.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A New Day And All Is Good

It’s 4:45 am here and surprisingly I feel good today. I just needed to rest last night and all is better. I am unfortunately like one of those little kids that starts getting in a bad mood when I get tired and I was very tired last night.

Thank you all for your thoughts and sympathy last night. I told ya’ll I would squeeze out every ounce of sympathy I could get.

But it’s a new day, new adventures and all is well.

Although there’s are no mountains around me and I don’t have a hammock, this will be me today.

Who knows maybe I'll go to the beach instead. All virtual of course.

I hope everyone is having and going to have a good day today.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Just a Little PinPrick.

I made my appointment and had the procedure done. A nurse checked me in, an intern asked me questions and finally the doctor came back in with the intern.

I asked the doctor questions, he answered them and then I asked how long would this last. He said the effects would work for four to six week, if it worked. IF IT WORKED!!!!! IF IT &%$**(&^&^% WORKED? What the heck is going on? He told me for a lot of people it works and some it doesn’t. We’ll just have to see.

He asked me if I had a migraine right now and I told him no, just one of my normal daily headaches. He said OK and started feeling around the back of my head. He finds the locations he wants and washes it off with alcohol. He then said there would be a little pinprick. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but it’s the closest I’ve ever come to fainting. It’s not just a little injection type thing. He’s explaining to the intern you push it in here and then move it over here and here. He then gives me another injection in the muscle under the base of my skull. During this whole time he had to keep reminding me to breathe. He asks me if I’m nervous. I’m thinking you %&(& idiot do I look totally relaxed. He’s finally done and I’m seeing little bright lights. I have to put this disclaimer in. It wasn’t from the injection. I just didn’t know I could hold my breath that long and the lights were pretty.

As I said, he finally finishes and then he tell me……
You might get a small headache that radiates up toward your forehead from the injection. Now let me get this straight. I already have a headache, but I will also get one from the injection he just gave me. He asked how my normal daily headache is now. I tell him it’s the same. He said the injection will hopefully make it go away. HOPEFULLY? HOPEFULLY??!!!!!!

To cut a long story short, I’m now home and my normal headache I started out with this morning is worse, but it’s not a migraine. I can’t take any tylenol, advil or anything like that because of rebound headaches. I’ve got stronger stuff, but that is only for migraines.

I finally get home and the relatives I said were gone earlier, are not. So having nothing in the house for food now, I have to go to the grocery store and buy groceries. I decided to just get stuff we needed and said to hell with cooking and decided tonight it’s frozen lasagna. It takes two hour to cook and I’ve already been asked twice when it’ll be ready. I’m getting ready to tape a sign with the time on the oven.

To put it mildly, this day has sucked.

Water and Laundry Detergent

I went to put some clothes in the washer and picked up the bottle of liquid detergent I use. I just had relatives here that washed a lot of clothes. Usually these relatives use up everything and never replace. So when I go and pick up the detergent bottle, I’m surprised. It’s full! I’m thinking that’s nice they bought some more. I begin to pour and nothing but water comes out. Not even enough residue to make a few bubbles. ARRRGGGGG!

Now I’ve gotten used to going to the store to replace everything they’ve used, but why even go to the trouble of refilling an empty bottle. Would I not notice, would I just pour without looking? I haven’t figured this one out yet.

While I’m on a rant, this same relative feels it her duty to re-arrange the kitchen every time she’s here. Not that she does anything in the kitchen, but things aren’t where she wants them. Just in case she decides to cook, she wants to know where everything is. So after they leave it will take me a couple of days to find everything and put it back to where I know where everything is. Last time it took me two week to find my cutting board.

She has told me before men just don’t know how to cook or clean. Since I do 99.9999% of that in this house, I’m usually at a loss of words for her. I just keep my mouth shut and agree. I figure if I let my feeling be known it would upset my Mom and that’s the last thing I would ever want to do.

Plus lights, the common light switch. They’ll turn on every light in the house and then I guess its too much trouble to go back to the light switch to turn them off.

OK that’s my rant for today. I’m fixin (southern saying) to get ready for my two-hour trip to Birmingham for the doctor’s appointment again. Hopefully, just hopefully everything will go right today.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One Hour Early & Three Hours Late

Have you ever done something so incredibly stupid that you are happy you have an autonomic nervous system so you don’t have to remember to keep your heart beating or to breath. Today was my day.

I hate to be late for appointments. I’m usually very very early. I get ready this morning, go downtown to put gas in the car and get a little cash. It’s a two hour drive so I lining all my duck up in a row. I set out for the big city and no big thing. I’m taking my time because I know I’m going to be over an hour early anyway. I want that extra time just in case something happens. I won’t go into once I get into the city the lunatic drivers or being surprised my kidneys are still in place after going over those roads.

I for some reason took a wrong turn. I’m in a part of town I don’t want to be in, but fortunately found a nice elderly couple that gave me directions. I get to the place and I’m still an hour early.

I go to the receptionist and say “I’m an hour early but want to go ahead and check in”. She asked my name and looks at the computer and starts giggling. Now I know I don’t have a normal name, but I haven’t heard giggles about it in years. She looks up at me and says,”You’re appointment was for 10:00 am.” I know my appointment is at 2:00 pm and pull out the packet they sent me to show her. I say “See here it says….” I was pointing straight at 10:00 am. At that point I felt like melting and becoming one with the carpet. I told her I had just driven two hours and was there anyway I could wait or anything. She was very nice and went to the back to check. She comes back and said the doctor had left for the day. So I schedule another appointment for tomorrow at 2:00 pm. I ask her three times to be sure. In the morning when they open I’ll start calling to make sure it’s at 2:00 pm.

Usually I’m a lot harder on myself the other are on me. So while I’m berating myself, and driving back home, I get into one of those tractor trailer convoys. You know where there are five or six truck in the right lane and one trucker decides he can get past the other by driving 1 mile per hour faster. So for about ten miles I have a big truck in front of me and trucks to the side. Some idiot in a sports car comes up behind me and he must have been no more than two feet from my back bumper. He decides he want to start flashing his lights at me. Now with a truck in front and trucks beside me and an idiot behind me, I’m thinking, a little break, that's all I want is just a little break. One of the truckers takes mercy and lets me pull in front of him and the idiot shoot up to where I was. I look over and see a pair of feet dangling out of the passenger’s window and the stereo is so loud I can hear booming with my windows closed. I finally get out of all that mess and just when I get home it starts raining.

Now you might look at this and think, man did he have a bad day? But I’m being positive. Even though in the end I’ll have an eight hour drive for probably a ten minute appointment, I look at it this way.

1. My parking ticket was validated and the few minutes I was inside, I had to pay nothing.
2. I got there and back safe and sound.
3. It didn’t start raining until I got home, so I didn’t have to drive through the rain.
4. Foremost and finally after going through all of this, I should be having a raging migraine, but I don’t.

So life is good.

Today is the day.

In a couple of hours I’ll get ready for the 2-hour trip to the doctor for the Occipital Nerve Block (ONB). Everything I’ve read and people I’ve talked to say it’s nothing to it, so I’m hoping.

However, if by some miracle I was completely cured from migraines, you my friends, are the ones I feel sorry for. Does anyone think I’m going to let this chance pass to squeeze every last drop of sympathy out of everyone?

Oh the pain and agony I went through with the ONB (just a trailer for what’s to come). My biggest wish is it will take care of the migraines. However, I’ll be happy if it takes care of the normal daily headaches that I have. That would be such a welcome break.

I’ll check in later to let ya’ll know how it went and to of course siphon all the sympathy that I can get.

Anyway on to more happy news. It’s Cabin Girl’s B’day over at Boo Trib. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, B’day CG.

I just found out it's MM B'day too.
Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, B’day MM.

Monday, May 15, 2006

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Yes, Thank God it’s Monday. Almost all the family has gone back to their homes and there will be a little peace and quiet for awhile. Which means, oh yea, back to getting the house back in order and (he shudders uncontrollably) the lawn and weedeating.

My 3 y.o. great nephew just knocked on the door and wanted to know if “Gorg” (George) and I were awake. I think George’s barking was a dead give away. I sat with him in my lap for awhile watching cartoons. He then decided it was time to go and get his grandparents fully awake. I told him to get up on that bed and shake them until they’re all awake. He has too much stuff to do today to let them sleep. I could have been really mean and told him to start jumping on and down on them to get them awake, but didn’t. Actually I’ll be back in awhile, that’s not a bad idea.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Down Day Blues

I had a mini-migraine last night. Nothing big, but still a little hazy this am. Hopefully by the time everyone arrives for Mother’s Day, everything will clear up.

As with most migraines, they leave me down in the dumps for a few days. I just wished it had happened after Mother’s day. On a brighter note, or not, I’ve got my appointment for the Occipital Nerve Block on Tuesday. It’s for the migraines and they insert a needle by the Occipital Nerve and inject a local anesthetic and some type of steroid. I’ve cancelled three times because it scares the hell out of me, but I can’t miss this one. I just hope it’s what my Neurologist has built it up to be.

George is past his intestinal malady. That’s at least is some good news.

My relatives are here and they bought my almost 3 y.o. great nephew. He love ‘Gorg” (George) and his Uncle FM. He’s getting to the point where I can start to understand what he’s saying. I had forgotten how little children love to follow you around and have no sense of modesty. Last night I went to the bathroom and told him he had to stay outside and I would be back in a minute. The entire time I kept hearing “Uncle FM, I’m out here waiting, are you done”? “No, I’d say, just a minute”. Two seconds later, “Uncle Fm are you done yet, I’m waiting on you”. “No, I’d said, but in a minute”. “OK Uncle FM, but I’m right here waiting on you”. Then he goes to saying Gorg is at the door waiting too and would you please hurry up.

Ah, kids ya gotta love em.

Well that’s it for today. I hope everyone had a glorious Mother’s Day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day

Not much to write about today, but I was wondering what special plans, if any, everyone has for Mother's day. Since I have so many brothers and sister, it's like a holiday/pilgrimage to come home. It won't be much really, just a lot of food and presents for Mom. My Mom has always said she feels happiest when all her children are around her. Although she hasn't been feeling good this week, I know she'll rally when everyone starts showing up.

Anything special going on with ya'll?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Long Haired Dogs

What to write about, what to write? I could go into a diatribe about having a long haired dog with a case of diarrhea. A little to much for this morning and I'd hate to get graphic. However, I will say, George is very close to getting a short haircut. It cuts down on shedding and, ahem, other unpleasant things. The only thing I will say is George hates baths bad enough as it is. Just imagine what he thinks being held up by his tail and having the garden hose sprayed at his backend. Poor thing, between his current malady and the garden hose he's none to happy.

For that matter neither am I.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Drop by everywhere!

Today I’m hosting over at Booman Tribune’s, the Froggy Bottom Café. Look down on the left at the Blogroll. Visit over there, but while you’re at it look at:

Katiebirds Eat 4 Today. A lot of good information and very friendly people to help you with food or health concerns.

Olivia’s Parvus Opus is flower photography taken to an art form. No one and I mean no one, can leave her site and not be moved by her art.

Manny’s Man Eegee - Latino Politico. If you like cheesecake, a dog named Bud (Who I hope to talk into living with me one day) and excellent political commentary, then this is the place.

Puget4’s Finding Beauty Everywhere is exactly what it says. From beautiful flowers, to magnificent vistas and becoming the Captain of a ship she finds beauty where ever she goes.

DuctapeFatwa’s Enemy of the State. A very wise and funny man, who speaks his mind and doesn’t know the meaning of a short rant.

Diane’s Village Blue is so warm and inviting. It’s a Village that is a home and once you’ve been there, you never want to leave.

FARfetched’s Tales from FAR Manor covers the trials and tribulations of family life, to haiku, to techie stuff. The man is a multiple genius.

While you’re here leave a note if ya can.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I think today will be a slackerly day. I was up for a minute and it started storming here, so I unplugged all computer stuff and I’m watching the news and weather. I’ll cut off the TV in a moment. George of course won’t go outside. Not even when there’s dew on the grass, so when it’s raining, I think he’ll burst before he does anything in the house. Cat I put out early and can’t find her now. I know she’s got someplace she goes when it rains, but even with me walking around the house calling her, she won’t come out. I did run out and get the weedeater I left with the snakes last night. Bravery comes in all forms.

Uh oh. The cable just went out and the lights are starting flicker. Lighting is getting real close and thunder is very loud. I hope this passes pretty fast. We’ve been lucky in the past, with no tornadoes close to here, but they always touch down about 25-30 miles away when they do hit. The weather said earlier that this morning won’t be bad, but this afternoon they’re saying maybe more sever storms.

This storm started me thinking about my Mom. She has always been terrified of bad storms. I remember as a kid she would put all of us under a bed and sit of top of the bed when they would come through, or she would put us in the car and drive up and down the muddy dirt road we lived on. Now we know, that’s the worst thing to do. But she was and is a Mom that would do anything to protect her children. This was when I was growing up on a farm in Arkansas. The nearest town to us was about 17 miles away and had a pop of 47. So you were pretty much on you own. We had plenty of friends around, but they were in the same boat a lot of times.

I can remember as a kid while we were driving up and down the road, what was the big deal? I kept thinking this is fun. The car fishtailing on the road, the lighting exploding not far away, the wind blowing so hard the fields of cotton and soy beans would almost look flattened. To me this was a great light show and a carnival ride at the same time. Looking back we were lucky we never got stuck in a ditch, but my Mom was a good driver.

I look at thunderstorms differently now and I’m more cautious than before.
Although I don’t drive out in thunderstorms, I still do have that kids wonder and amazement at lighting and thunder.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Snake and the Weedwacker.

The last couple of days I’ve had some energy and I’ve gotten out and got the lawn mowed and I was doing weedeating today. Everything was going great. The line on the weedeater wasn’t constantly breaking and I was in the groove to where I was making straight lines around the driveway and house. Usually it looks like I go two feet into the yard and then back to the curb.

Well everything is still going great and I’m down by the pond. I’m listen to my mp3 player and I still don’t know how people keep those bud things in their ears, but during my point of being in the groove, I look down at my feet and a black shape about four feet long slithers by my foot into the pond. Now not being total dense, I realize it’s a water moccasin. I being the brave soul I am scream out holy s**t and jump about four feet off the ground. I still don’t know if the weedeater is out there running and I don’t intend to check for a while.

So far since yesterday it’s:

Snakes – 2

FM – 0.

It’s just turned into a very slackful day.

I just figured out what I'm going to do tomorrow. My brother has these hip waders and I have a rake with a really long handle on it. I'm going to put on the hip waders and carry the rake out to about ten feet from the pond. I'll first ask politely for any snakes there to leave. Then I'll start beating the ground with the rake. I know a good ten foot distance is safe enough, but I'll have to keep getting in closer. Now if the snake decides to stand it's ground or God forbid investigate me, then I'm outta there.

Added: The weedeater is still out here and it must have run out of gas. It will stay until I have full protective equipment on tomorrow.

A different view of the pond today.

It's going to start raining here soon. I just wished it had started this morning. Would have saved me a near heart attack.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I’ve been thinking about a conservation I had yesterday, well more of a few comments made in a thread.

Is no man or woman fearless, or are we all afraid?

I’ve thought about myself and know I have many fears. Fears for my family and fears for others not able to take care of themselves. Fears for the world and the path it’s going. I think the list could go on endlessly if I let it, and snakes, can’t forget about snakes.

However, I’ve also thought of bravery and what that is. Is every man and woman brave, do we all have the capacity to bring that self sacrifice forward when needed or wanted for that matter.

I agreed with the writer of the diary that fear is used to rule and sway the masses and that fearful people are easily controlled. But how does that fear affect me. How do I react to news I hear and read everyday? I’m horrified and saddened by the death and destruction I see and hear everyday, but does that raise my fear level. No. I have the convenience of 24/7 news and blogs to see what’s going on, but I don’t live in that fear and frankly don’t know what I would do if I did. I can’t fathom taking a life, but put in a situation of fearing for my family and myself would I be able to? Would all of a sudden the bravery exert itself and I would be able to kill to protect what I hold dear? Is it bravery to kill to protect or to kill for some higher cause? I don’t think so. I think it’s more of a reaction to anger and adrenaline. Dammit, nobody comes into my home and threatens my family. It’s either you or me.

To me, the really brave are the ones that have no way to protect themselves and still live with that fear everyday. The ones that have to go to market or work just to survive, never knowing if today is their last. The ones that only want to be left in peace, but are constantly surrounded by violence. The ones that cry for help, but no one hears or cares. I’m not just talking Iraq here, but many places all over the world including the good old U.S. of A. Violence and hate abounds everywhere and I’ll be the first to admit that I have never understood it.

So yes I can sit here and type out about any little brave thing I do and my petty little fears, but in the long run, I’ve never been tested. Many, many of us have never been tested, but millions live it everyday, and in just one minute of their day, they’ve shown more bravery that I think I have in my entire life. That is true bravery.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Good Things Come To Those That Wait

I’ve always heard patience is a virtue. I was very patient yesterday and waited. I waited during the morning, mid-day, and finally in the afternoon it started raining. Why was I waiting for rain, you ask. Well you didn’t, but I was waiting because it was lawn day. Anyone, who knows me, knows I hate lawn work. Any excuse I can find, I’ll use not to mow the lawn. Of course it can’t go on forever, but there is nothing like a nice leisurely slackerly day.

This isn't my house, but if I had my way.

So today I’ll look outside and say it’s too wet to mow and contemplate the naps to come.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


It was brought up yesterday what happens when someone you’ve been communicating with, gotten to know and become friends with just stops commenting or putting anything on the blogs. I was very touched last week when I was out with the migraine and read how many people wondered where I was and sent good wishes. But what happens when someone just leaves, no good bye, no notice, nothing.

I’ve only been blogging a short time and luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I know it will. There are so many people that I’ve come to respect, like and love through this medium of communication. It’s hard to think of them not being there daily or weekly or ever.

However, being up in age a little bit, I’ve come to realize the old axioms are true. Nothing last forever, or the only constant is change. I’ve also noticed that some people will never let you know anything about them, although you talk to them everyday and others wear their hearts out on their sleeves. Some present themselves differently on the net than in real life and other act as they would if you were sitting across from them talking. I don’t know which is the better way to be sometimes. I just try to be myself and go with that.

So far I’ve felt lucky and only met good, kind and generous people. People whom I’ve come to appreciate for their candor, humor and warmth. I know there are a lot of ‘bad’ people out there and sooner or later I’ll be confronted with that, but not today.

I guess the whole point of this rant is to say I don’t think I’ll ever write a GBCW diary. Most of the ones I’ve read are written in anger and that’s not why I came to the blogs. I came to talk to different people who think like me. Who love to laugh as I do and who present a different view of things I’ve never even thought about. To those people all I can say is thank you.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Slack Day

This last week has been a rough one for me. I had a bad migraine that lasted for three days. I’m over the migraine, but it will take me a couple of more days to get back to normal. As much as I hate the migraines, I hate the ‘out of it’ feeling just as much. Thinking coherently is hard enough for me to begin with, but with the post migraine feeling it’s even more difficult.

As I said not much is going on. Missed the wedding and all the good stuff that went with it. I’ve got a week of cleaning to do in the house and I don’t even want to think about the lawn.

I think I’ll slack today and work tomorrow.

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