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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Hospital Stay.

I just got back from spending three days in the hospital. I went in for treatment of my migraines. Ya want to know what will give you a migraine? Just getting into the hospital should have given me one.

On Tuesday the 22nd I called my Neurologist Nurse and asked her to make the hospital stay for the 29th because I would have someone to stay with Fmom then. She said she would try and she would call me back on Friday the 25th. I wait until Friday afternoon and give her a call. I get no call back. So I know they wouldn’t be in on Monday because it’s a holiday and I call her again on Tuesday morning the 29th. I get an answering machine saying she would be out until the 31st. From there I call the admitting office at the hospital. They said yes, I had a room reserved and I was supposed to check in that day. I asked them if I could check in the next day because I just found out and they said no, it had to be that day. I get a ride to the hospital, 2 hours away, and I finally get check in. It’s a huge hospital and just finding my room, I get lost. When I finally find my room, I go in and ring the nurse’s desk to let them know I’m there. Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that when you are checking into the hospital, that to show up in your room and ring the nurse’s desk to let them know you’re there isn’t the optimum.

Anyway, I’m in the hospital and I’m not really impressed with the nurse’s ability to find a vein to start an I.V. I was stuck not twice or three time, but a total of seven times before they finally got one. Then they started pushing medicine that burned like lava going in. It ends up they didn’t find out anything and that they tried medicines that I had already been on before. After all of this it takes me all day just to get checked out. At the moment I’m not too impressed with the hospital or the treatment.


I’m still alive, I don’t have a headache at the moment, and I made it back home safely. So things aren’t as bad as they could be.

Added: I was just thinking of the treatment they gave me while in the hospital. I know that you're woken up during all times of the night, but at 10:00 pm they would wake me up to give me a lava I.V. and at 3:00 am they would wake me up again to give me another lava I.V., and an injection in the stomach that hurt as much as the lava I.V. I guess I'm still a little on edge about the hospital stay. :)


Monday, May 28, 2007

George and the Nephew.

It’s the middle of the night and it’s finally quiet around here. My Brother, s-I-l and 3 y.o. Great nephew arrived yesterday and it’s as it should be - quiet. I’ll give it about two more hours and my nephew will be up and running all over the house and George will be chasing him barking all the time. For some reason my Brother and s-I-l don’t see anything wrong with telling him to go wake up Uncle FM and play with him. Of course the first time he pounds on the door, I’m up because George is barking. So if things work the way they usually do, George and I will come out of my bedroom, I’ll turn on the TV in the den and then fix some coffee. After that the Nephew, George and me will sit on the couch and watch TV. I’ll doze off for a few minutes and the Nephew will shake my arm saying I’m not watching. I’ll say, I am too watching. From then on we’ll be watching each other more than the TV to see who will fall asleep first. I always loose on that one. After the second or third time my nephew will just give up on me and he’ll talk to George. George is my one saving grace in this game. If my nephew gets bored and gets up to starting getting into stuff, George will start barking and I’ll come awake. I’ve been half sleep before, and I’ve heard the Nephew tell George to be quiet while he gets down off the couch. George never lets me down though. So before the nephew gets a foot on the floor, George barks and I’m awake.

I guess I’ll see how today will go, but I know I’ll be very tired by the end of the day.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Something To Be Proud Of.

I just found out about an Alabamaism I had never heard about. Here’s some info from Wiki:

The Vulcan statue is the largest cast iron statue in the world and the symbol of Birmingham, Alabama. The 56 foot (17 m) tall statue depicts the Roman god Vulcan, god of the fire and forge. It was created as Birmingham's entry at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri and is the largest statue ever constructed in the United States. It is the second-largest statue standing in the United States behind the Statue of Liberty.

The ism I’m talking about is a saying called Moon over Homewood. It seems the naked posterior of Vulcan is pointed toward an upper middle class town called Homewood. Thus the name, Moon over Homewood. Hey and ya’ll thought we had no class down here.

I usually don't pay attention to this, but I just looked at my site meter counter. I'm 8 visits away from 10,000. It ain't hockey, but Wooooo Hooooooooooooooo!

It appears my 10,000th visitor was someone from the mid USA. Whoever you are, and to all of you that have stopped by, THANK YOU. :)


Calling Home.

Well Fmom was pretty angry last night. She had been trying to call my brother that had the by-pass surgery, but couldn’t get him on his cell phone. That went on for a couple of days until he finally called last night. She was very happy to hear from him, but she tore into him about not calling. She didn’t leave anybody out either. Luckily his wife or children weren’t on the phone, but she tore into him about they could at least call to let her know how he’s doing.

My brother does this from time to time and I keep telling Fmom not to worry and that we’ll hear from them soon. She just won’t accept that though. She’s always been this way with all my brothers and sisters. I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but to bring home the point of the consequences you face if you don’t call Fmom……

When I joined the military years ago, I was stationed out in California. I didn’t call home for a month. One day while at work, I get a call from my commander’s office and was told to report to him immediately. On the way there I kept thinking what have I done? I couldn’t think of anything that I had done wrong, so I was worried. I get there and he told me he had gotten a call from my sister asking him if I would call home. Immediately I’m worried something has happened at home and ask the commander. He said no, but my mother wanted to hear from me. I’m embarrassed about the whole thing, but he was good-natured about it. However, he did say don’t let it happen again.

Years later after I retired, I was living by myself and I hadn’t called for about a week. My landlady drove over to my house and told me to call home. She was good-natured about it too, and since she was just a little younger than Fmom, she gave me a good talking to about calling home. So I call home, and Fmom told me if she couldn’t have gotten my landlady she was on the verge of calling the police. Now that would have been embarrassing to have the police show up to say call home.

So the point is, that all of us children know that we had better call Fmom at least once a day. Otherwise there’s consequences to pay.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Is Not Always Good.

I’m beginning to find that having something new is not the best way to go sometimes. The old remote for Fmom’s tv down in the den went out about a month ago. So I bought a new one and it’s made by a different manufactures and the buttons are completely different. When I first got it, I sat down and learned the buttons and what it would do. I then sat Fmom down and showed her the buttons and which she needed, and how they worked. I told her to play around with the remote and learn it. Well a month later and she is still calling me over the intercom to come down to the living room and fix her remote. It’s usually she has pressed a wrong button and switched the remote to DVD, cable or something else. So I go down to the den, show her where the TV button is, show her where the guide buttons are and then show her how to get it off the guide and onto the full picture. Now I don’t mind doing this, but three to five time a day is a little much. So I’ve decided to do up a one page drawing of the remote with arrows pointing at the buttons she needs to push. I’m hoping she’ll use this as a quick reference and will finally learn the buttons. If this fails, I’ll just go out and buy the same one she had before and go with that.

Now I have to figure out how to get her proficient on the cell phone.

Here's another picture today of the pond. Sort of a pond in green picutre.

Click to Enlarge.

Smoke Update: I just found out the smoke I thought was coming from the GA/FL fires wasn't. About 12-15 miles from here, someone deliberately set fires that burned about 700 acres of woods. The fire was successfully put out though. It appears there are crazy people everywhere.

Another Smoke Update: I was just watching the local news and it is smoke from the GA/FL fire too. B'ham has had smoke warning about the air quality. Geeze!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dusk at the Pond.

Just a single picture of the pond today, but I got it during dusk, and you can see stuff on top of the water. I don’t know what’s going on with the turtles around here, but yesterday I saw two in the back yard and one in the front yard. They were all trying to get back to the pond. The picture is kind of dark, but as I said, I took it during dusk.

Click to Enlarge

Andi did a quick fix for me so the pond would show up better. Thanks Andi.

Click to Enlarge.

Everyone have a good day today.


Monday, May 21, 2007


It appears the brothers and sister decided this weekend was the weekend for everyone to come home. All the presents Fmom was going to get on Mother’s day she got this weekend. I think she likes that better. Having the kids come to her instead of going someplace else to celebrate. We did luck out on one thing. My brother and his family are members of a local bar-b-que club. So since he was part of the group serving this weekend, he got a lot of bar-b-que to bring home. He dropped off two packs to us. Fmom was saying that one pack was for my oldest brother that couldn’t make it, but I don’t think that pack will make the wait until my brother get back here.

I just took George out and we’ve got smoke again. I don’t know if it’s coming again from the GA/FL fires, but it fairly thick. I just looked and the fires there are about 485 miles away from us. Hard to believe the smoke came that far. This is a picture I just took of the pond. It ain’t fog.

Click to enlarge.

I'm hoping we get some wind here soon to clear this out, but the weather is saying wind will be light and variable. We might have this around for a couple of days. Not really good for FMom's asthma, or anyone one else for that matter.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Juggling At The Speed Of Song.

This guy is one hell of a juggler. Juggling to the sounds of the Beatles.




I finally got Fmom to the doctor yesterday and she was running a fever and she was having trouble with her asthma. Her doctor gave her an antibiotic shot and a prescription for more antibiotics. He said at her age with her asthma and running a fever, he was more concerned about possible pneumonia. With the shot and a couple of doses of antibiotics, Fmom appears to be feeling better this morning.

I’ve been making few changes on the site and I have a few questions for the more hmtl inclined than myself:

1. I put “Recent Comments” down below the blogroll. I’ve got so much room on the right and left that I would like to take the “Recent Comments” out of the page section and put it on either the right or left side. Any suggestions?

2. OK I guess only one question.

The only other change I made was in the color of the comment’s box in holoscan.

Hope everyone has a good Friday.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Pick, Part II

My niece came by yesterday and I gave her, her Great Grandmothers wedding band. She didn’t know she was getting it and the look of total surprise was nice to see. She got my talk about tradition, and hoping one day she would pass it down to my grandniece, her daughter. I also gave her something I typed up awhile back. It was a story I called My Sister’s Ring. Of course the story had changes in it because I don’t refer to my mother as Fmom around the house, but essentially it was the same. After my niece got through reading the story, Fmom took off her finger the exact ring I was talking about in the story and told my niece that she wanted her to have it. This surprised me because I didn’t know Fmom was going to do this, and I know how much Fmom cherishes that ring and the memories it brings back of my sister. During all the surprises I think my niece came to see a part of me that she didn’t know existed. Usually when she’s around we wise crack at each other and nothing is too serious. But I think she saw what the family and traditions mean to me.

Last night my niece called Fmom and they talked for about two hours. I myself don’t see how anyone can stay on a phone that long, but some do. When they finished I asked Fmom what my niece said. She said just a normal talk, but that my niece must have told her 500 times to thank me for the ring during the conservation. I know she was also thanking Fmom for my sister’s ring.

I don’t know, but maybe I did make an impression on my niece about tradition. She told Fmom that she would be wearing the wedding band along with her wedding band from now on, and that her daughter would know and one day would receive this ring.

Of course we don’t know how the future will go, but I hope that with each new generation this ring will continue to mean to them, now what I know it means to my niece and me.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Drought Conditions.

I knew it was dry around here, but I just found out this morning that I’m living in an extreme drought area. I saw something on the news, and I went to the US Drought Monitor web page. It actually surprised me we are in a drought area. When you live around a lot of pine trees and things that stay green even in winter, then seeing how a drought is effecting the area sometimes isn't as clear.

The local news said we would need at least several bouts of two to three steady rain days to get back to normal. We are having rain right now, but it will pass on through. After that, I don't know when we'll get rain again. One thing that struck me odd is the local news was saying our best chance to catch up on the rain deficit will be during Jun-Nov. How can you catch up on the rain deficit during the hottest parts of the summer? Two words - Hurricane Season. Now I don't live on the coast, but most hurricanes that hit down there do bring us a lot of rain. However, the coast is far from recovery and some areas probably never will recover. I want rain, but not at the expense of more hurricanes battering down, well anyplace.

I've always liked to be a little bit ahead of the curve, so for years now, I don't water my lawn and if I can get away with it, not too many plants around the house. I know my neighbors think "God I wish he would take care of his lawn,", but I just look at it as good stewardship. To me water is a precious resource that most people take for granted. I think what brought that clearly to me was when I lived in San Antonio.

I rented a house there and the owner told me during the summer to make sure I watered the foundation of the house. I was surprised by this and asked him what he meant. Out there during the summer, the heat and lack of water will make big cracks in your yard. If you don't water the foundation of your house, then it will crack. I had seen many houses made of brick that had what looked like repaired cracks going up the side of a outside wall. I never paid any attention to it until my landlord told me to water the foundation. I found out that repairing cracked foundations is a big business out there. I also found out that in a city of over a million people there is only one aquifer that gets very low. You have to conserve out there.

I don't intend to let this house get a cracked foundation, but I can reduce my water usage by not worrying about the lawn. Actually I really like this idea. Doing something I consider good and being slackerly at the same time. Sometimes things do come together.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still at the house.

I was supposed to go to the hospital for treatments of my migraines today, but I had to reschedule for the second time. The first was rescheduled because Fmom thought everyone was coming here for Mother’s Day and wanted to see if it could be pushed back to another day. Well Mother’s Day fell through because she wasn’t feeling well. So I rescheduled the first and now I cancelled again because she’s still not feeling well. I think it’s nothing more than a summer cold, but I would rather not have her being pushed to go up there if she is feeling bad. She would be staying with my youngest brother, but still not feeling well and a two-hour trip just might make her feel worse.

Ten minutes after I cancelled Fmom was saying call them tomorrow and tell them we’ll be up there. I’m telling her I’ve already cancelled twice, and to call the next day and say “forget what I said yesterday,” isn’t a good thing. So I’ll call later this week and see what they say.

I think out of this, George is the lucky one. He would be boarded at the vets right now if I had gone, but at the moment, he’s still stretched out on the bed and sound asleep.

I’ll see how Fmom feels today, and tomorrow and if she’s feeling better, then I’ll call again to set things up. With my luck, by that time, I’ll have a summer cold. Oh the mystery of stepping into a new day and seeing what’s going to happen. We’ll see.

Hope everyone has a good day.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Low Maintenance Lifestyle.

I was reading FARfetched blog, Tales from FAR Manor, this morning, and he was talking about a book that seems to be opening up a new realm of slackdom to me. I’ve just started reading it, but it appears it's right down my alley, and if there was ever a reason for slackdom, then it’s here in this book.

Here’s what FARfetched worte:

Family Man describes himself as a slacker, but I’ll bet Dolly Freed could teach even him a thing or three. Back in 1975 or so, at age 19, she wrote a book called Possum Living (link to full text) about the extremely low-maintenance lifestyle she and her father lived. I wish I’d run across this book when I got out of college — it could have changed my life. It would be interesting to see whether she’s still living that ultra-slackerly lifestyle now at age 50-ish, and what improvements she might have made on it.
As with everything and everybody, I don't agree with everything she has written, but she sounds like she had more slackerly sense at 19 then I do now in my 50's.

Thanks FARfetched!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Home Repair Continued.

I did it! More work is needed, but I did it. I got the washer back to working. I got to the parts place yesterday and it took me about 45 minutes to finally get the right part. The lady behind the desk kept giving me the wrong part and there were a lot of people in line, so I took the part number and started looking. I told her to go ahead and wait on the other people. I found a part that looked like mine, but it had two electrical connections on one end instead of just one like my part. So finally after she waits on everyone, she pulls a diagram up on the computer and as soon as I see it, I say number 11. I know that number because I’ve seen the same diagram many times. We finally figured out the part she had is a substitute part, so I take it. BTW there was one guy there who was returning a piece for a dryer. It was his fifth time there for the wrong piece. He told the lady that she had ordered the right piece, but they sent him something completely different. He told the lady, he found the right piece over at another store and he’s just there for a refund.

I got back home and went to work. I found out that taking a part out isn’t as easy as putting it back into a machine. I’ve always known this, but I’ve never been sure why it’s this way. As I said, the new part had two connectors on one end and I go ahead and hook the ends together. It takes me forever to get the whole assembly screwed back into place. I get the entire washer back together and it doesn’t work. My first thought is the connectors. I must have hooked up the wrong one on the two-connector end. So I take the washer apart again and get the assembly and connectors out again. On the two-connector end, I connect to the other one. I go through the whole thing of getting the assembly back in and the washer together again. I crossed my fingers and toes and put it on spin. IT WORKS!!!!!

I’m yelling at Fmom, “IT WORKS” and she’s acting like a miracle has happened. I’m feeling very smug about my accomplishment and I close the lid. The spinning stops. I open the lid. The spinning starts. This is backward. It’s supposed to be, spin with the lid down. My smugness disappears and Fmom is in her, “You did your best, honey” mode. By this time I’m fed up with taking the thing apart and putting it back together, so I go ahead and let it run a cycle with the lid up. It works, but with the lid up.

Today I’m going to try again. Since the part is a rectangular piece I figured I put it in backward so it’s reading the lid switch wrong. It will probably be another thirty minutes to an hour to do the entire thing, but I’m going to get it. Maybe two out of ten of my home repair projects work out. So although it works, I’m going to make it work right today. Wish me luck.

Oh, I forgot to add. Today I'm going to look at the instructions that came with the replacement part.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Adventure In Home Repair

You ever have one of those little things that will drive you up the wall. I’ve been working on the washing machine. It will agitate, but once it gets to the spin cycle it stops. Now I’m not an internet genius, but I did find a place for this type of washer that gives you step by step instruction for problems and simple repairs. It even had pictures, thank goodness. I found out I need an actuator lid switch. So going by the instructions I take the cabinet off the washer and get to exactly what I need. Pretty simple so far.

Now for what’s driving me up the wall. This washer was brought from a national department store. There’s a branch of it about 35 miles from here. I want to call it’s parts department in the mall it’s located at, but looking it up on the computer only puts me into a national type system and calling that particular store number given puts me in the same system. I called information at the mall and they said the only thing they have is the national number. I know I have the number somewhere because I had to use it during the times I was trying to fix the dryer. But if I have to dig through all the stuff on my desk and go through each and every thing, then I’ll save time by driving up there. Now comes another dilemma. When I looked the part up on the internet, they said it was unavailable. This washer is probably 10-11 years old but it works, or at least did. Am I going to find out when I drive up there that an $11.00 part has been discontinued or there’s no replacement part and I’m going to have to shell out for a new washer?

Right now, I’m a little miffed about the phone number. It seems like the store is making things harder than easier. However, once I get up there, I’m beginning to wonder if they can even get that replacement part.

The adventure continues.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Pick.

I took Fmom to an appointment yesterday and it was one of our usual rides while reminiscing about the old times. She had told me of when my grandmother had gotten to the point to where she knew she couldn’t live alone by herself anymore, that she wanted to start giving to her children things that she knew they would want. In our family when a direct relative passes away, from their personal things there is what we call a pick. My aunts and my mother were bought together and each took their turn to pick what they wanted from my Grandmother and Grandfather’s life. My Grandmother did this so that she would know that each of her daughters and my father’s family would be treated fairly and there would be no arguments or bad feeling about anything. This was done and it was a few years later that she did pass away. There was another pick after her passing, and then the grandchildren were bought in to pick something they would like to have.

FMom surprised me yesterday when she told me that of all the Aunts, herself, my brothers/sister and cousins, that I had gotten the best pick of everyone. I asked her what she meant and she explained. We grandchildren were bought into an upstairs bedroom where the things we were to pick from were. When my turn came, there was a small box of assorted jewelry that I thought I would just grab something and that would be that. I looked in it and moved some stuff around and saw a small thin gold ring. I took that and went back by my sister and looked at it. I started looking on the inside and saw an inscription. It was very hard to read but I finally saw that it was my Grandmother’s wedding band. I told everybody what it was and I started saying it was too much and was going to put it back, but my sister standing by me dug her heel into my foot and I almost yelled out. I went on to say how surprised and proud I was to have it. I don’t know how my Aunts let the ring get by them and trust me everyone in the room was very surprised.

I’ve always found it distasteful to see some families that go to war over things that belongs to loved ones that passed away. Some families are torn apart and other weather the passing and splitting of things very well. The thing that got me to writing this diary is deciding onto whom I would pass my Grandmother’s wedding band to. I hate to say it, but neither one of my daughters ever knew her, nor do I think they would appreciate it as much as others would. I have five nieces and the only one that knew my grandmother, and I know would appreciate it, I’ve decided to give it to. She’s my sister’s daughter and she already has a two-year-old daughter.

You’ve all heard me preach on how much family traditions mean to me, and I can assure you that when I give the ring to my niece I’ll be preaching them to her too. So many times just a little thing that’s passed down the generations will bring a family closer together, and I’m hoping that my niece and someday my grand-niece will cherish the ring and the traditions as much as I do. I also hope that it will keep being passed down so that no matter what generation has it, they'll know who it belonged to and maybe want to know a little bit more about her and about their heritage.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Locked Out Again!

Well I did it again. We have French doors going out to the patio and the door you go through has a dead bolt on it. It also has one of those push button locks on the door handle. I got up this morning and when I finally take George out I didn’t turn the doorknob far enough to pop out the push button lock. Fmom, brother and s-I-l are still asleep and I don’t want to wake them up, so I go around the house checking ever door and window. I’m pretty good about locking up at night so not a thing is unlocked, and honestly, I can’t see myself trying to crawl through one of these windows now. I finally go to knocking on the window and waking up my brother. At this point I’m very glad they’re here, because Fmom is pretty unstable on her feet first thing in the morning.

While I’m outside waiting George is in a crazy barking mood. I’m doing a whisper/yell at him to shut up because he’s not far from our neighbor’s bedroom window. My brother gets to the door and lets us in. By this time, George is in a frenzy of barking. He hates my oldest brother for some reason. I don’t remember my brother ever doing anything bad to George, but George is one of these little souls that doesn’t forget. My brother could have stamped his foot at George one time, and George is one to hold a grudge.

So at the moment, back in the house with my door closed, George is still doing his low-level growl and an intermittent ear piercing bark. Hey want can I say? A little excitement to an otherwise mundane morning.

Hope everyone enjoys your morning.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Getting a Date.

As I was saying earlier, my Aunt O turned 100 recently. There was a big to do at the local church she helped build. In the handout they give you every Sunday at church to tell you the schedule of events for the day, there was also included a paper about Aunt O. On the front it had her picture with her all dressed up and smiling and on the back it had her history. I already knew a lot of the facts and some I didn’t. When I got down to the end there was a little story about Aunt O.

It’s seems there was a local radio station running a contest for the oldest listener to call in. Her grand daughter called in and got everything going and Aunt O won a coffee mug from the station. Aunt O is still sharp as a tack and her only comment was “My grand daughter told them my real age. How am I going to get dates now.”

Aunt O is in a nursing home and has been for a little while now. She gets around with a walker, but she’s still spry. There’s no doubt she wants to go back to her own home, but I know the nursing home is probably the best place for her.

I got to thinking is Aunt O one of the lucky one? To live that long and have so many come into your life. I think yes and no. I can’t say I know what it’s like to yearn to go back to a home you and your spouse built and raised children in. A home where the church you helped build is 50 yards away and the place you worked until you had to retire is across the street. The place is less than a hamlet. Just some houses off a curvy road and a few building by a railroad track that used to be stores. She saw this place when it was prosperous, vibrant and oh so many family and friends around. Now it’s a shell and it’s a place she wants to be, but she can’t.

I don’t know if Aunt O is lucky. I know there are many people who think about her and love her, but lucky, I don’t know. I can always remember her saying about where she’s at now, “Oh honey, all these people in here are crazy except for me.”

Here’s to you Aunt O. I’m half your age and I wished I had half of the spunk you’ve got.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday at the Pond

A few pictures of the pond this weekend. As I told Andi, it’s all looking the same to me now. I’m going to have to start taking pictures during different times of the day it seems. Since my computer went kaput and came back to life, I can’t find some stuff, so the stitch program is there somewhere, but I just got to find it.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

If you notice that iron squiggly thing in the picture, it's a plant hangar. Since I don't intend to hang any plants and I take it out of the ground when I'm mowing, I use is sometime when I'm too lazy to walk more than 10 feet from the patio and I put George on a long line so he can use the bathroom. I figure that way both George and I are happy.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Little Catching Up

As I said last night I’mmmmmm Backkkkkkk. I hope this computer keeps working, but nothings for sure.

What’s been going on? My brother that had the bypass surgery is home now and he and my s-I-l will be staying here for awhile. He’s actually handling his second one better than I did my first one. I don’t think I was as active as him this soon after the by-pass surgery. Of course I’ll take any and all sympathy I can get, but then again, I didn’t have a spouse waiting on me either. For that matter I didn’t have a brother waiting on me while waiting on my spouse either. I don’t know if that made sense, but they’ve run my back end off.

Fmom has been doing OK. She and I went to buy more groceries today, so that got her out of the house. She was feeling bad today and my s-I-l used my brothers blood sugar meter to check hers. It was high, high enough to worry about, so we see the doctor on Monday. But, there will be no more frozen fudge bar wars anymore. That’s a good thing because I was getting sick of those things.

George is in serious need of a haircut and I’ll have to give him a bath this weekend. I’m not looking forward to either. I did get a little pissed at my brother and s-I-l this afternoon when we came back. They had put him in my room and closed the door on him. Basically locked him in my room. I don’t usually loose my temper, but I let them know what I thought about it. Cat is starting to spend her nights outside. She had her last time of deciding my clothes basket was a easy place to go. She’s lucky I’ll let her in during the day. Tom is still Tom. Still as big as ever and looking like he’s been in a fight every night.

This coming weekend we have the whole family here for Mother’s Day. I was supposed to go into the hospital on Friday so they can run some treatments on me for the migraines, but I’ll have to call and reschedule for a couple of days later. I don’t exactly know what type of treatments they’ll be doing, but the doctor said it would only be a couple of days. I told him if it would stop them, then lets go for it. I’m also quite sure after having my brother and s-I-l here and then the whole family that a few day in bed won’t do me any harm.
I’ll try to start the pond series again this coming week, and try to think up some stories of old to tell again.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going great.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm Back

I'm back and I hope it keeps working. I guess it's dried out enough. Hope everyone is well.

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